There’s very little anyone can do about the “cancel culture” that’s prevalent in our world today. It appears we’ve all resigned ourselves to fate and accepted that it’s now a part of us.

However, there are lines that the advocates of the cancel culture must not cross to reserve the status acceptability that it receives. One important one is to never drag a child into something as humiliating as this.

Sanity Triumphs Over Cancel Culture

However, it appears that the “woke” media didn’t get the message, as they attempted to “cancel” a young boy after CBS’s Sunday NFL coverage. Luckily, the world still has sane people and they stood up against the bullies, which many have described as “spectacular.”

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According to reports, a ten-year-old child who is a Kansas City Chiefs fan attended the team’s away game in Las Vegas wearing face paint and an American Indian headdress.

What Is The Cancel Culture?

The cancel culture is a contemporary catchphrase that became popular in the late 2010s and early 2020s. It describes a trend where someone who does or says something in an unacceptable manner gets rejected, boycotted, shunned, fired, or attacked often on social media.

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This act may affect their social or work life—could be online or in person—with the most significant cases involving celebrities. Those subjected to this treatment are said to have been “canceled”.

Understanding Cancel Culture: Perspectives And Controversies

Cancel culture has mostly been used in a negative context. The term “call-out culture” is sometimes used instead of it as a more positive wording.

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While some critics see it as holding people accountable, others think it’s bad because it can stop open conversations, doesn’t bring about any real change, and leads to cyberbullying.

Deadspin Sports Writer Incites Uproar With Article

Some former Twitter users were upset by this, calling it a “racist costume.” “Speak out against the Kansas City Chiefs fan in Black face, Native headdress,” was the heading of an article by a Deadspin sports writer, Carron J. Phillips.

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“It takes a lot to disrespect two groups of people at once,” he had written. “But on Sunday afternoon in Las Vegas, a Kansas City Chiefs fan found a way to hate Black people and the Native Americans at the same time.”

Media Misrepresents Child’s Innocent Face Paint

Another sports media outlet described it as “blackface” and accused the fan of displaying Native American racism. “Blackface” refers to non-Black people wearing dark makeup to mock Black people, which is offensive.

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But the boy didn’t do any of this. Phillips and his compatriots chose to focus on the black side of his face, but the complete picture showed that the other half of his face was painted red and those colors are Kansas City Chiefs colors.

Adults Shamefully Attack Child Over Innocent Costume

It doesn’t appear that the child’s costume offended the black players on the Chiefs. And even among Native Americans, whether the boy’s look was offensive is still a topic of debate.

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Regardless of the child’s intentions, it’s utterly embarrassing and horrendous that adults would shamefully attack a little boy nowhere near their age. That it was over a false narrative makes it even worse.

The Child Is Of Native American Heritage

In a surprising turn of events, the child’s mother has revealed that they are of Native American heritage, which makes it unlikely that she would dress her child in a way that mocks their own culture.

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It doesn’t make any sense to label an outfit worn by a Native American as “offensive” to Native Americans. Unfortunately, Deadspin hasn’t corrected their mistake or apologized. Instead, they’ve tried to justify their stance, which is embarrassing.

Phillips Actions Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Repeat Itself

A White editor suggested it wasn’t her place to weigh in on whether the costume fueled racism, citing Carron J. Phillips’ Black identity. However, Phillips’ statement that the team colors on the child’s attire “makes it even worse” seems illogical.

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Phillips has unfairly targeted an innocent child in the pursuit of political correctness or sensationalism, which is truly appalling. While every profession has its flaws, his actions set a new low. There’s concern that if individuals like Phillips continue unchecked, the media landscape could deteriorate further.

Doing More Harm Than Good

This incident has led to widespread debate about the boundaries of cancel culture and what role it plays in shaping public perception. Does it help our cause or not?

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It’s quite obvious that while cancel culture can serve as an accountability tool, it does cross the line quite often, just like in the case of this young Kansas Chief City fan.

Backlash Against Media’s Rush To Judgement

The “woke” media’s attempt to vilify a child over what they perceived as a racist costume has gotten the backlash that it rightfully deserves.

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By choosing to ignore the context and being quick to judgment, they not only triggered a false narrative but also shone a wrong spotlight on a young boy causing him undue scrutiny and shame.

Media’s Failure To Acknowledge Mistakes Fuels Outrage

What’s even more disheartening is the hesitation of some media outlets to acknowledge their mistakes and apologize. Despite the obvious evidence that prove the initial claims were false, they continued to defend their stance and this showed a lack of integrity and accountability.

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Moreover, the remarks made by individuals like Carron J. Phillips, who doubled down on their criticism without considering the full picture, highlight a dangerous trend in media sensationalism.

Defending Childhood: Rejecting Media’s Exploitation

That anyone could go as far as sacrificing a child’s innocence for the sake of political correctness or sensational headlines is not only irresponsible but also morally reprehensible.

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As for the child and his family, they deserve empathy and support during such a challenging time. No child should be should be made to face such public ridicule and harassment, especially over a misunderstanding fueled by sensationalist reporting.

Finding A Balance Between Accountability And Compassion

Ultimately, the backlash against the “woke” media’s attempt to ‘cancel’ a child offers a reminder that there are boundaries that should never be crossed in the pursuit of social justice.

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While holding individuals and institutions accountable is important, it should never come at the expense of innocent lives or perpetuate false narratives. As a society, we must strive for a balance between accountability and compassion, ensuring that justice is served without causing undue harm.