The border crisis has reportedly escalated as the Mexican government apparently decided to dry out south Texas farmers. That is, at least, what is being argued by those in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

State Democrats Call On Biden Administration, Governor Abbott To Intervene

The situation has reportedly worsened to the extent where the state’s Democratic lawmakers have called in for assistance from the political ladder. One report claims that the lawmakers have reached out to Governor Abbott for intervention.

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They have also reached out to the Biden administration with the hopes of taking immediate action to address the pressing issue.

Democrats Have Called On Biden To Enforce 1944-Era Water Treaty

According to multiple reports, Democratic members of Congress reached out to the Biden administration with the hope of enforcing the 1944-era water treaty. However, that attempt was not successful.

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Lawmakers have argued that Mexico is refusing to uphold its part of the 1944 Treaty of Utilization of Waters. The treaty covers the water usage that exists between Mexico and the United States, including two international reservoirs placed along the international border.

Mexican Growers Have Historically Benefited From Lake Amistad, Not Texas Growers

One of the international reservoirs, Lake Amistad, has reportedly not been used fairly as outlined by the 1944-era treaty. History shows that Mexico has released the water storage of this particular reservoir to Mexican growers exclusively.

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The Texas growers have apparently not been allowed to benefit from this water storage over the years. The U.S. federal government has not intervened to ensure that the terms of the 1994 treaty are enforced regarding the matter either.

Mexican Officials Ran Ads In Mexico City To Protest Compliance With 1944 Treaty

Mexican officials have recently destroyed any agreements that were in place to share water with Texas farmers. One report even claims that there were advertisements ran in Mexico City that protested compliance with the treaty.

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Most South Texas sugar growers agree that the lack of support from the State Department played an integral role in the failed attempts to enforce the 1944 treaty. One report claimed that “all attempts to negotiate timely water releases for Mexico have failed.”

Last Sugar Mill In Texas Announced Shutdown Last Month

The last sugar mill in Texas reportedly announced that it had to shut down last month as a result of the dire situation. The lack of water being provided as required by the treaty have left south Texas growers without the key ingredient that they need for successful harvests.

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South Texas growers did not have the water needed to grow their crops since Mexico did not release the water accordingly. This forced over 100 sugar growers to shut down their businesses.

Rio Grande Valley Projected To Lose $100 Million In Economic Losses

As mentioned, over 100 sugar growers have had to shut down their businesses as a result of the “dry out” from Mexico. This has left more than 500 workers unemployed.

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In addition, it is projected that the economic losses of Rio Grande Valley will continue to rise until a solution is established. One report shows that the Rio Grande Valley is expected to suffer initial losses of at least $100 million.

Democratic Lawmakers Urged US Secretary Of State To Enforce The 1944 Treaty

Mostly Democratic state lawmakers reached out to U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Monday to encourage him to enforce the 1944 treaty. They claimed that the water shortage was devastating the agricultural community as a whole.

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In addition, these lawmakers highlighted that the water shortage was starting to affect the overall development of the “fast-growing region” as well. According to the report, they noted that “development is beginning to slow.”

Democratic State Rep. Terry Canales Led Joint Letter To Address ‘Deep Concern’

A joint letter that was reportedly led by Democratic state Rep. Terry Canales highlighted the “deep concern” felt about the “ongoing challenges related to water delivery.” The letter also referenced the “apparent noncompliance” with the 1944 treaty.

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The letter stated that they were “disappointed to observe a persistent shortfall in the delivery of water” to their region. The letter even referenced the specific deficit involve when compared to the stipulations of the 1944 treaty – “an average of 350,000 acre-feet annually.”

Canales Highlighted ‘Far-Reaching Implications’ On ‘Both Sides Of The Border’

The letter specifically referenced the “far-reaching implications” experienced on “both sides of the border” by the lack of water. It stated that the “scarcity of water” had “far-reaching implications for agriculture, ecosystems, and communities.”

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The letter also requested the involvement of the State Department to resolve the matter. It “strongly urged” the department “to take immediate and effective action to rectify the situation.”

Canales Sent Letter To Governor Greg Abbott, Requested State Of Emergency Declaration

Canales reportedly sent a separate letter before the Easter holiday that specifically called on Texas Governor Greg Abbott to intervene. The letter requested that the Texas governor declare a state of emergency.

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According to the letter, the “critical water challenges” were starting to create “an imminent threat” to Texas residents and farmers. The governor would be able to offer additional state resources by declaring a state of emergency to help “prevent additional economic losses and job layoffs,” as referenced in the letter.

Canales: ‘Farmers Are Running Out Of Vital Irrigation Water’

Canales stated in the letter that farmers within the lower Rio Grande Valley “are running out of vital irrigation water.” The agricultural industry throughout the Rio Grande Valley reportedly contributes approximately $1 billion each year to the economy.

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In addition, the industry provides nearly 8,400 full-time jobs throughout the state as well. Therefore, the potential losses are much greater than the losses that have already been experienced so far.

Canales Emphasizes Need To ‘Find A Means Of Applying Pressure On Mexico To Comply’

Canales also expressed that there is a need to “find a means of applying pressure on Mexico to comply with the treaty.” He added that they need to “release the water owed to the United States.”

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Canales asked Governor Greg Abbott to encourage the State Department to intervene. The hope is that the State Department will be able to get Mexico to enforce the treaty and do their part to stop “exacerbating the water shortage” for local Texas farmers.

City Council Members Plan To Impose Moratorium On New Developments

City council members from Mission, Texas reportedly plan to impose a moratorium that will affect all new property developments. This would include residential as well as commercial developments that were constructed on more than five acres of land.

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Other communities would face similar challenges as a result of the water shortage. Neither the attorney general’s office nor the governor’s office responded to requests from multiple media outlets for comments.

Governor Abbott’s ‘Swift Action Will Make A Significant Difference,’ Claims Canales

The State Department has not taken any action. However, Canales apparently feels that Governor Greg Abbott will take the necessary action to address the matter.

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With the support of the governor, Canales claims that they will be able to “pave the way for a sustainable and secure water future” for their community. He also stated that Abbott’s “swift action will make a significant difference in preserving the livelihoods” of Texas residents along with the region’s “economic well-being.”