Video footage reportedly caught two men knocking over a rock formation in Lake Mead, Nevada that dates back over 100 million years ago. Multiple reports confirm that the dunes are over 140 million years old.

Two Men Pushed, Yanked Red Sandstone Formation

The video footage, which was posted online earlier this month, shows two men pushing and yanking on a red sandstone formation. The formation was located at Lake Mead National Recreation Area within Nevada.

Source: Facebook/Lake Mead National Recreation Area

One of the men wore a red shirt and the other wore a black shirt. There is a young girl featured in the video that stands in the background. At one point in the clip, she yells out, “Don’t fall!”

National Park Service Seeks Assistance To Identify The Two Vandals

The National Park Service (NPS) is responsible for managing the historic site. The agency reportedly has asked for the public to offer assistance in confirming the identity of the two men filmed in the video.

Source: Facebook/Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Authorities are in search of anyone that can recognize either of the men featured in the video clip. In addition, they are interested in speaking with any witnesses that may have spent time on Redstone Trail the night of April 7.

Rock Formations Were Made From Sand Dunes That Stood Over 140 Million Years Ago

The park’s website noted the history of rock formations affected by the vandalism. For instance, it indicated that the rock formations were initially made from sand dunes that stood at the tourism site over 140 million years ago.

Source: National Park Service

Geological forces reportedly chiseled and sculpted the dunes over the years. Eventually, they were turned into hard sandstone.

Senior Program Director: ‘These Aren’t Just Rocks. They’re Ancient Resources’

Senior Program Director Neal Desai opened up about the rock formations in an interview with the Washington Post. He apparently wanted to clarify that these were not just ordinary rocks.

Source: FOX 13 News

Desai stated that “there aren’t just rocks.” He added that “they’re ancient resources.” Desai is the senior program director for the National Parks Conservation Association.

The Rock Formations ‘Were Formed Millions Of Years Ago’, Have Historical Value

Desai further explained that the rock formations “were formed millions of years ago.” He continued by stating that the country has “set them aside and have ensured that they will be equally owned by all of us forever.”

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Park rangers are currently investigating the vandalism incident.

Vandalism Suspects Could Face Federal Charges, Six-Month Jail Sentence

The vandalism suspects could potentially face some hefty consequences as a result of their criminal act. One report confirms that they could face federal charges.

Source: Pixabay/James Timothy Peters

Spokesperson John Haynes, who represents the recreation area, told one news outlet that the suspects could face up to six months in jail. They could also be forced to pay a $5,000 fine and perhaps even be convicted of a felony offense.

Recreation Area Spokesperson: ‘This Almost Feels Like A Personal Attack In A Way’

Haynes added that “this almost feels like a personal attack in a way.” He further expressed that the vandalism was “pretty appalling” and “kind of disgusting.”

Source: Pixabay/Sammy Sander

John Haynes shared these comments with KVVU News reporter Kim Passoth.

Spokesperson Advises Visitors, Tourists To Report Any Destructive Activities Witnessed

Haynes also used the opportunity to send a general message to all visitors and tourists that come to the Lake Mead recreation area. He encouraged them to report any type of destructive activity that they may witness during their visit.

Source: Pixabay/Jan Vasek

Visitors are also encouraged to call the staff immediately to notify them of such acts right away. They were also advised to capture videos or photos with their devices if they were out of range for adequate cell phone service when they witnessed the incident(s).

Lake Mead Spokesperson: ‘You Don’t Have To Engage’, But ‘Let Us Know’

Haynes made it clear that visitors that witness destructive activities “don’t have to engage people” during the act. He noted that “many people don’t feel safe engaging others out there, and that’s okay.”

Source: Pixabay/Ann Boulais

Engaging others directly in that way could even potentially create more of a risk for danger and life-threatening situations. However, Haynes emphasized that “it’s really important to let us know.”

Lake Mead Extends For Over 1.5 Million Acres 30 Miles East Of Las Vegas

The Lake Mead recreation area extends for over 1.5 million acres of land. It is reportedly located approximately 30 miles east of Las Vegas.

Source: Pixabay/ESudroff

Lake Mead made history of its own back in the early 1960s. It was established as the first national recreation area in the United States in 1964.

Lake Mead Generates A Crowd Of Over 6 Million Visitors Each Year

The Lake Mead recreation area reportedly has a lot of foot traffic each year as well. One report claims that the recreation area receives more than 6 million visitors annually.

Source: Pixabay/Brian Merrill

That is an average of over 16,438 people that visit the park each day. It is understandable why the park rangers on the staff are not able to watch every visitors throughout such a vast area all at once each day.

Acadia National Park Vandals Spray Painted Trees Last Year

The NPS was also used to investigate an act of vandalism at the Acadia National Park in late February 2023. Vandals reportedly spray painted multiple trees throughout the park with red spray paint.

Source: Pixabay

The graffiti mostly consisted of red blazes that were painted on the trees. The same paint was used to vandalize cairns and rocks as well throughout the park.

Painted Red Blazes Vandalized The Trees, But Also Confused The Park Visitors

The red blazes became visual eyesores that drastically affected the natural beauty of the park. However, it had more of a significant impact on the tourist experience since they essentially confused the park visitors as well.

Source: National Park Service

The NPS used blue blazes to maintain established hiking trails throughout the park. Therefore, the red paint did not just damage park resources, but it also inadvertently encouraged inexperienced visitors to take potentially dangerous hiking routes.

Historic Joppa Missionary Baptist Church Vandalized At Mammoth Cave National Park

The Joppa Missionary Baptist Church was also vandalized at the Mammoth Cave National Park in August of 2023. It was one of the three historic churches that remained before the park communities were established within the park.

Source: National Park Service

The vandals reportedly broke windows and kicked in doors at the church. They also painted graffiti all over the church walls between July 5 and August 4, 2023. Superintendent Barclay Trimble mentioned that “the damage we are seeing at Joppa church is disappointing and deeply saddening for the park and for our neighboring communities.” The church was first established back in 1892 as a log schoolhouse that was demolished in the early 1900s.