Nikola Tesla was one of the most brilliant scientists that ever existed. It’s surprising that most of his inventions never made it out successful. Tesla was undermined and wasn’t taken seriously, he wanted to provide free energy for humanity. It is believed that Tesla’s failure came from people around him. They couldn’t deal with his inventions being free for all so they killed his dreams.

Nikola Tesla – The Real Pioneer

Everyone is allowed to dream. Most of the devices that are changing lives today would not exist if not for dedication, passion, and dreams.

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As you’ll discover in this article, even the greatest of dreams from a scientist who was believed to be way beyond his time ended up dying when put to the test.

Nikola Tesla And The Birth Of Wireless Energy

Nikola Tesla born in the early 19th century is often referred to as one of history’s most brilliant inventors. Tesla invented and contributed to the development of different technologies used in our present daily lives like fluorescent lights, remote controls, wireless transmission, computers, smartphones, and other popular inventions. Tesla had a distinct fascination with wireless power transmission.

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This fascination was deeply rooted in his attempt to provide a free and stress-free life for mankind. Tesla had nothing but the profound belief that all humans should have the fundamental right to enjoy free access to energy. He tried his best to make this into reality by providing a free wireless energy supply even to the most remote areas.

Tesla Coils: Revolutionizing Electricity Transfer

The Tesla coil was one of his most famous inventions and we can also call it the most spectacular. In 1891, Tesla unveiled the Tesla coil, a high-frequency alternating-current electricity transformer capable of producing a very high voltage at a low current. Tesla could do this by transmitting radio frequency power across short distances by inductive coupling between coils of wires.

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The Tesla coil is made up of a transformer, Capacitor, spark gap, main coil, minor coil, and a discharge sphere. Each of these scientific components had a role to play in electrifying the world and Tesla was ready to bring them into action.

The Dream Of Free Electricity: Tesla’s Noble Goal

Tesla’s ultimate goal was to provide the people with a free and unlimited energy supply. He believed that the world’s supply of energy was quite dangerous to health and he could provide them with cleaner energy. Tesla was sure that the earth had fluid electrical charges underneath it and if properly explored, could generate an unlimited power supply at a low current.

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His spectacular experiment was intended to transmit electricity wirelessly across the globe. Tesla wanted to save humanity from the stress of using centralized coal-powered power stations. In Tesla’s opinion, these power stations release carbon dioxide into the air which is extremely dangerous to human health. Although his goal was noble, his dream was killed by ignorant money-grubbing individuals.

Creating Wireless Wonders

Tesla’s priority was the welfare of humanity, and to him, this was more important than his interests. To make his dream of providing the world with free energy come true, Tesla had to create a powerful tower that was capable of transmitting electricity wirelessly across the world through an antenna.

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To achieve this Tesla joined hands with the great financier J P Morgan who invested $150,000 in his company. Thanks to this partnership Tesla was able to start the construction of the Wardenclyffe Tower (Tesla Tower) on Long Island. Although Tesla assured Morgan that the tower would be able to send communications worldwide, his main aim was to use the tower to wirelessly transmit energy across the globe.

Edison vs. Tesla: A Clash of Visions

With great minds come gigantic egos and this manifests with different rivalries in the scientific field, but the rivalry between Edison and Tesla tops them all. These two iconic scientists had different approaches and visions. They went on a rivalry journey to prove their points. While Tesla was best known for his work on Alternating Current (AC) power systems.

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Edison was best known for his work on Direct Current (DC) power systems. These two powerhouses had their rivalry named the “War of Currents”. Edison was sure that Tesla’s AC system wasn’t safe to use and wanted to prove it by all means. However, Tesla successfully proved during the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893 that his AC systems were superior to Edison’s DC systems.

Funding Fallout And The Turning Point in Tesla’s Journey

Tesla was struggling, and the funds he had were not enough to complete his experiments. To make matters worse, another famous inventor Guglielmo Marconi stole Tesla’s patent and developed a successful radio-based device. This put Tesla in a bind. Tesla promised to develop a more powerful radio-based system to beat that of Marconi’s. Tesla approached Morgan for extra support but was rejected.

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Morgan believed that Tesla’s idea wasn’t feasible and pulled his investment from Nikola Tesla’s Company. Tesla was left with no investor, his project was failing but Tesla didn’t stop, he kept on pushing and tried to get investors. Unfortunately, Tesla was forced to halt the project in 1905 mainly because of his financial difficulties.

The World’s Lost Opportunity: What Could Have Been

Can you imagine how advanced humanity would’ve been If we all didn’t care about anything other than doing things for the sake of advancing humanity and making life better for fellow human beings? Nikola Tesla in a bid to create a convenient world for mankind made innovations that spanned a variety of fields from electricity to magnetism and even wireless communication.

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If Tesla had been taken more seriously, the world would have different amazing inventions and this would have benefited us a lot. Having a free energy supply would mean that power would be accessible even to impoverished regions and many more. Although Tesla’s inventions didn’t succeed they paved the way for current technology.

Who Will Be Our Next Pioneer

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The next chapter for technology and advancement is right in front of us. Who will be the next pioneer to steer the course of humanity and technology just like Nikola Tesla tried to do in his time.