The Spirit Lake Tribal Council has initiated a lockdown of its schools, tribal offices, and businesses as of Thursday, April 4. The lockdown was implemented in response to reports that a potentially dangerous and armed individual was present on the reservation.

The Spirit Lake Tribe Posted A Statement on Social Media

Late Thursday morning, the Spirit Lake Tribe posted a statement on social media indicating that the tribal council and Fort Totten Police Department are working hard to locate the potentially dangerous individual named Kolby McKay.

Source: Facebook/Spirit Lake Nation-Mni Wakan Oyate

The statement says, “The Spirit Lake Tribe has a constitutional responsibility to act in the general interest of the safety and well-being of the tribe and the enrolled members, because Kolby McKay is potentially armed and dangerous, and his whereabouts currently are unknown.”

A Reward Has Been Announced

Spirit Lake Tribe has also announced a reward for anyone who is able to provide information that could lead to the apprehension of the dangerous individual.

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Anyone having any valuable information related to McKay can contact the Fort Totten Law Enforcement Center by dialing 701-766-4231.

No Comments Yet From The Police Department

The Herald contacted the police department to inquire if McKay was still on the loose. The police department declined to make any comments on the subject.

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The Herald was instead directed to contact the Bureau of Indian Affairs office.

No Response Yet From The District Bureau of Indian Affairs Office

The Herald team left two voicemails for the district Bureau of Indian Affairs office, but didn’t receive any response as of mid-morning April 5.

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The Herald also attempted to get an Update from The Spirit Lake Tribal Council to confirm if they were still under lockdown. They were directed to the chairperson who didn’t answer the phone calls and already had a full voicemail box.

Additional Curfew Between 8 PM and 6 AM

The lockdown has been enforced over the 405-square-mile reservation as the police has actively been conducting searches to find McKay.

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Around 3 p.m. the Spirit Lake Tribal Council announced an additional curfew that will remain in effect between 8 p.m and 6 a.m.

Additional Measure For Ensuring The Safety of Kids

The additional measure was announced to ensure the safety of children. The statement said, “We encourage all Tribal members to uphold their civic duty and tribal identity to ensure all child/children safely inside of the homes in accordance with the Spirit Lake Tribal Law & Order Code.”

Source: Facebook/Spirit Lake Nation-Mni Wakan Oyate

The statement added, “In addition to the applicable laws, we are imposing an additional curfew effective immediately. Curfew hours will be effective immediately between the hours of 8:00 PM and 6 AM unless accompanied by a parent, guardian or other person having physical charge of the minor.”

The Lockdown Directives

The lockdown directives instruct, “Designated areas should be locked down in a timely manner. Offices shall be locked and secured immediately. When practical, lock building entrance doors.”

Source: Facebook/Spirit Lake Nation-Mni Wakan Oyate

Additionally, the statement instructs, “Employees in buildings are instructed to stay away from windows and doors to limit exposure.”

The Tribal Council Will Decide When The Lockdown Would End

Regarding the release of the lockdown, the statement clarified, “Release of lockdown will be at the direction of a Tribal Council member, building supervisor, or law enforcement personnel.”

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People were asked to “Follow the directions given by emergency responders.”

The Bureau of Indian Affairs Has Joined Forces With the FBI

The Fort Totten police department hasn’t made it clear exactly why McKay is wanted. All we know for now is that he is an armed and dangerous man freely roaming about.

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The Bureau of Indian Affairs has joined forces with the FBI to locate McKay.

McKay Is Considered “Extremely Dangerous”

The Benson County Sheriff’s Office posted a release on Facebook saying, “McKay is considered “Extremely Dangerous” to the safety of others.”

Source: Facebook/Benson County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page

Sharing details about McKay, the release says, “Kolby Mckay is a resident of Ft Totten North Dakota on the Spirit Lake Reservation and should be considered potentially dangerous and armed.”

Penalties for False or Misleading Information

Talking about the reward being offered in exchange for any valuable information about McKay, the release said, “A reward has been offered for any information leading to the successful location of Kolby McKay.”

Source: Facebook/Benson County Sheriff’s Office

The release also warned, “Any individual found to be assisting or obstructing, providing false information, or violating laws under the Spirit Lake Tribal Code will face maximum penalties.”

Last Month’s State of Emergency

The Spirit Lake Tribe made news last month as well when a state of emergency was declared on March 27.

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The state of emergency was declared in response to two individuals disappearing on the reservation within a period of three months.

Exhaustion of Resources

The emergency declaration said that the tribe had used up all the available resources to the point of exhaustion while trying to locate the missing individuals.

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Much of the reservation area comprises woodlands, open waterways, and open land. The Devils Lake also falls within the perimeters of the reservation area.

The Case of Jemini Posey and Issac Hunt

Jemini Posey, a 21-year-old woman, was last seen in Fort Totten on Januray 7. Posey informed her boyfriend that she was planning to that she was planning to go out with a friend and would return shortly. However, she has not been seen or heard from since.

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In the other case, Issac Hunt, a 27-year-old, was last seen leaving his father’s house in Saint Michael, North Dakota on March 8. No one has heard from him or seen him since then.