The sad case of Jimmy Hoffa, the Teamsters President, has plagued law enforcement for decades. What happened and the whereabouts of his body have become lore in Michigan.

The Case Breakers, a nonprofit cold case group, has recently made claims that the long-lost body of Jimmy Hoffa may be buried under a demolished baseball stadium.

A Complicated Tale

The tale of Jimmy Hoffa and the Teamsters is a complicated one. He was a labor union leader in one of the largest and most influential labor unions in the United States, who helped create stability in America’s workforce. However, his dedication to the American worker came at personal cost.

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Hoffa made a lot of enemies in the U.S. government and made friends with some of the era’s most infamous gangsters. Sadly, many think these relationships and notoriety are what led to his disappearance in 1975.

The Last Sighting of Hoffa

In July 1975, Hoffa vanished on his way to a meeting with New Jersey Teamster local union boss “Tony Pro” Provenzano and powerful Detroit family mob boss Anthony “Tony Jack” Giaclaone at the Red Fox diner.

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Hoffa’s wife was the last person to hear from him when he called her to say that no one showed up to the meeting. In 1982, he was legally declared deceased and since then his final moments have become legend steeped in mystery.

Some New Leads

The unfortunate disappearance of Hoffa has been speculated about for decades, remaining a cold case with no new leads until recently.

Source: The Case Breakers

New evidence may finally lead investigators to the location of Hoffa’s body. Harold Walthers left his niece an ace of spades playing card with scribbled handwriting on it. This card led The Case Breakers to a demolished MLB Stadium.

Buried Under Third Base

The Case Breakers have stated they have reason to believe that Hoffa could be buried under third base at the old location of Milwaukee County Stadium in Wisconsin.

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Apparently the exact location of the site is right next to the current Brewers stadium. They believe that Hoffa’s body was moved to the Milwaukee County Stadium in 1995.

Why would Jimmy be in Milwaukee?

According to the Case Brealer’s research, Walthers had been indicted for jewelry theft and became an associate of Chicago mob boss Joey Aiuppa. In 1996, he showed the card to his niece, stating that “if something happens to me, you’ll know what to do.”

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Hoffa’s name was written on the card, as well as Aiuppa’s, and “3rd Base Milwaukee Ball Park 9-16-95.”

Ex-Sergeant Involved in Cover-Up

A member of the Case Breakers team, Jim Zimmerman, had a relationship with Walther’s niece, Michelle.

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In 2020 after Zimmerman’s research had connected Walthers to some level of involvement in Hoffa’s disappearance, Michelle dug up the card.

Extra, Extra

The Case Breakers issued a press release following the discovery of this new information.

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“Independent sources in three states convinced the volunteer investigators that CSI forensics will reveal Hoffa’s remains at a little league field, in the shadow of Milwaukee’s MLB stadium,” they said.

Is Hoffa Literally Under Third Base?

The Case Breaker’s seem to think so. According to the group, the alleged site of Hoffa’s body is near a Little League Stadium, built in 2002.

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Utilizing aerial photographs and GPS satellite images they found where the third base was located, within 5 feet. They have even visited the area 3 separate times to perform ground-penetrating radar over the remote location.

Results of the Scan

Due to an unexpected layer of clay, they weren’t unable to penetrate any lower than five feet.

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Because of this, it was suggested that a dig happened at the location before being backfilled at some point.

A Dog Named Moxy

The Case Breakers visited the site with a K9 cadaver-seeking dog named Moxy. With a reputation for locating bodies, Moxy apparently barked and nosed her way into some positive indications.

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Carren Corcoran, a retired police officer, claims her dog gave four “hits” suggesting that someone is buried at the stadium’s old third base.

Beneath It All

Thomas J. Colbert, founder of the Case Breakers stated, “This gal has, I believe, over 200 cases of finding either the dead or the missing.”

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Colbert Continued, “She’s phenomenal, and she brought in her dog, and where does the dog go? Right to the ground penetration radar spot three years earlier, and that’s where we got excited.”

He Was Buried In The Middle Of Baseball Season

Although it’s true the Brewers were on the road on Sept. 16, 1995, they still had nine games to play that season. It seems a little unlikely that Hoffa could have been buried legitimately below third base.

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Taking a look back at the game from Sept. 26, 1995, third base looks pristine as always. Are we really sure “Milwaukee Ball Park” is County Stadium?

The Work is Ongoing

After some promising indications from Moxy, the Case Breakers are convinced something is buried at the site.

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They are now working with the FBI and local authorities to arrange a dig at the site. They are hopeful that they will find Hoffa and finally lay the mystery and Jimmy to rest.