Watching documentaries on the History Channel and Discovery Channel, I’ve often wondered about stumbling upon hidden treasures. A Reddit user, EvilEnglish, lived this dream after agreeing to clean his grandparents’ vacant Tennessee farmhouse. Under an old carpet, he found something that would change his life.

The Idea of a Treasure Hunt Consumed His Mind

The grandparents vacated the home in 1997 due to healthcare needs, and ultimately they passed away. Left with an empty house, EvilEnglish decided to sell it, but to sell it, he’d have to make it pleasant to attract buyers.

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In the process of tidying up, he discovered his grandfather’s “Treasure Hunt” book, evoking memories of seafaring tales and pirate pursuits. This prompted a strong intuition: hidden treasure might be within these walls, and it became his quest to unearth it.

If I Was a Sailor, Where Would I Hide the Treasure?

EvilEnglish was determined to discover any potential hidden treasure his grandparents might have left behind, armed only with a sense of intuition and inspiration from his grandfather’s old tales he began the search.

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He searched the closet following the narrative clues of his grandfather’s treasure hunt stories. Initially, it appeared to offer nothing but layers of dust and spiderwebs. However, beneath the surface lay something extraordinary.

A Rusty Safe Under the Dirty Old Carpet

As part of his cleaning task, he lifted the carpet and was shocked and puzzled by what he found concealed underneath: an aged, rusted safe. The presence of such an object in such an unexpected location – embedded in the closet floor beneath the carpet – prompted numerous questions.

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A thousand thoughts come to mind, but none comprehended what was in the safe and why it was there!

The Call to Mom and Locksmith

EvilEnglish had discovered something significant, prompting him to consult his mother for insights. The contents of the safe – whether valuable or not – remained a mystery until it was opened. His mother, in turn, hypothesized that the safe might contain antiques, given her parents’ respective interests: her mother’s fascination with ancient artifacts and her father’s penchant for collecting.

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She offered what she believed could be the combination to the safe, suggesting it might be her husband’s birth date or his Social Security number. Despite these attempts, no code succeeded in opening the safe. This piqued EvilEnglish’s curiosity even further, leading him to engage the services of a locksmith to unveil what lay hidden.

A Not So Empty Vault: The First Reveal

Confronted with the inconvenient timing of a Sunday discovery, EvilEnglish faced an agonizing wait until Monday to engage a locksmith. The dilemma presented a distraction, as the safe contents continually occupied his thoughts.

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When Monday finally arrived, he summoned the locksmith, intrigued by the mysterious safe. The locksmith opened the safe after laborious efforts involving breaking through cement, attempting various combinations, and deploying specialized techniques.

The Arrival Of The LockSmith

Whether the locksmith remained to witness the unveiling is unknown, but for EvilEnglish, the contents were of utmost importance.

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Although what he had hoped to discover remains undisclosed to us, what he did find were aged, dusty books – not the sought-after antiquities or artifacts he had anticipated.

He Found Fortune Beyond the Destroyed Books

As EvilEnglish began to extract the books, he discovered they were coin albums, unfortunately, marred by water damage from leaky pipes. Yet, his enthusiasm grew as he delved deeper, uncovering several boxes damaged by water.

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Among these, he salvaged some intact coin albums and boxes. Ultimately, he unearthed currency notes amounting to a hundred thousand dollars, all rendered worthless by water damage.

The Ultimate Collection Of Rare Coins

However, his relentless search yielded an increasingly valuable assortment of rare coins, exceeding his initial expectations. The collection seemed stratified, with corroded coins at the top and more valuable specimens at the bottom.

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Remarkably, his efforts culminated in discovering unique coins whose worth surpassed all previous finds. To cap this extraordinary venture, he stumbled upon cold metal bars that he later identified as valuable silver.

Even More Secrets: Box Within the Safe

Overwhelmed by excitement and enthusiasm, EvilEnglish methodically emptied the safe, retrieving each item his hand encountered. Among his discoveries were bars etched with the names of states – Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts – and their founding dates, signifying their exceptional rarity.

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Amid this excavation, he unearthed a rusted box. Fortunately, this container did not require the expertise of a locksmith. Upon opening it, he found a trove of his grandmother’s exquisite jewelry, estimated to be worth thousands of dollars.

Another Priceless Finds: What Was It All Worth?

Emptying the safe ignited a renewed curiosity in EvilEnglish, inspiring him to continue his exploration of the property.

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Despite the dilapidated state of the house, he was determined to scrutinize every nook and cranny. Soon, a peculiar coffee table caught his eye. Upon investigation, he discovered yet another safe, markedly newer, and readily accessible, without locksmith assistance.

Another safe!

Inside, he found armaments from his grandfather’s maritime adventures and dollar notes whose significance was yet unknown.

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Upon closer inspection, he realized the notes bore the signature of Joseph W. Barr, who served briefly as Secretary of the Treasury in late 1968. These notes hold substantial value to collectors due to their rarity and historical context.

What’s It Worth?

Like any normal person, EvilEnglish went on the Internet to inquire about the value of his discoveries. Although the information was somewhat limited, he learned that collectors might pay huge amounts for coins found in a safe.

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Moreover, he discovered that the Bureau of Engraving and Printing offers a service to replace damaged currency, offering another avenue to realize value from his find. Through the unique coins, his grandmother’s treasured jewelry, and the historically significant signed notes, it became abundantly clear that EvilEnglish stood on the cusp of considerable wealth.

Where is EvilEnglish Now?

Reddit users were abuzz with speculation after discovering that all his social media posts related to this revelation have mysteriously disappeared. The account wiped its content, leaving the Reddit community wondering about his whereabouts.

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Did the sudden surge of attention become overwhelming? Did the sale of the items become too much to handle? These are questions only one person can answer, and he’s opting to keep it offline this time.