A rusty safe, a locked door and a surge of curiosity, this is what it’s like to stumble upon a safe dating back to 1844. This individual couldn’t resist the feeling and determination to uncover its hidden secrets, even in the absence of a key. Could he wait and try to find a locksmith who knew how to open the safe? yes! But did he, no! He knew that there was a more direct approach – and he decided to take it. He would break into the safe, without breaking any laws.

The Excitement of Unveiling a Potential Treasure

The man brought a drill for initial exploration and specialized equipment to cut through solid metal. What’s inside? The King’s treasure or some worthless papers.

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Before cutting into it, the man was curious to find out what kind of safe it was. Also, who was its owner? Fortunately, the information was already printed on the door.

What Riches Could an Old Diebold Safe Hold?

The faded writing on the safe door was once gilded. It says Diebold Safe and Lock Co – Canton, Ohio. The date – March 27, 1844. The man knows that the safe once stood in the offices of Clearlake newspaper in Clearlake, Minnesota.

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But what could a small town newspaper own that’s of such a value it required an expensive Diebold safe? At that time, the company made the strongest and most reliable safes, and even bank vault doors.

Getting Ready for the Task

Could the safe hold confidential information that journalists obtained off the record? Could it contain rolls of historical photos changing our views on past events? There is only one way of finding out – by opening the safe.

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So the man grabs the drill and starts making the first hole into the safe. He may be the first person to look inside it in nearly one hundred years.

Breaking into the Safe Is Not as Easy as They Show in Films

Setting to work, the man realized that breaking into a safe demands specialized equipment and lots of elbow sweat. The Diebold safe consists of two layer of steel with 6 inches of concrete between them.

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First, he drilled a small hole and inserted a camera. It showed several peanut butter jars full of coins. Now, everybody knows that some old coins are really valuable. So the man kept working hard, until he managed to remove the safe door.

The Safe Starts to Reveal Its Secrets

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First, a metal tray with a red lining is stacked with dollar coins. Next, as he pulls out a drawer, the man finds it full of more coins in bags, as well as a few rings. But this is just the beginning…

The Man Discovers a Locked Box within the Safe

The previous owner of the safe did not consider that the large steel and concrete box was enough to protect something special. He also placed a locked metal box in the upper right side of the safe. Luckily, the keys were in the lock.

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When the man unlocks the box, he finds another box inside. This one was made of cardboard. What could be so valuable to need so many layers of protection?

Some Really Old Coins Were Stashed Inside the Box

Inside the cardboard box, the man found a piece of paper with the number 1882 written in black pen. Under the note, he found several old coins.

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Most of the coins were silver dollar and 50-cent pieces. Some of the coins have strange edges – as if someone clipped them. But they are just the icing on the cake, compared to the rest of the treasure hidden in the safe.

The Contents of the Safe Reveal Lots of Rare Coins

The man removes the contents of the safe carefully. It is time to take a close look at the treasure. And, indeed, the contents are breathtaking. Three large jars are full of pennies. One jar contains coins from various countries.

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Two jars contain quarters and nickels from 1964 and earlier. This means that many of them are made of solid silver. Also, the haul includes Mercury dimes, Buffalo nickels, and bicentennial dollars, half dollars and pennies.

The Treasure Also Includes Very Rare Bills

The treasure in the old safe is not only in coins. The man identifies some really rare bills. One of them is a dollar bill printed in Dallas on the day when President Kennedy was assassinated.

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The collection also contains blue seal one dollar bills and red seal two dollar bills. Also, there safe contains a 1963 set from Philadelphia mint. All these are now very rare and valuable.

The Safe Also Contained Foreign Bills and Jewelry

Looking over the bills, the man spots some foreign currency. First, he finds a beautiful two dollar Canadian bill.

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Last but not least, the safe also held a 1821 Spanish real. Mixed with the currency and bills, there are also several rings and cufflinks, which could be very valuable.

The Contents of the Safe Are a Path Down the Memory Lane

How many of you would have ignored an old rusty metal box? Probably many of us would not give the Diebold safe the second look. All the jars of coins tell a story.

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They show how American money evolved from silver dollars and dimes. Some of the pieces have beautiful designs and collectors would pay a fortune for them.

This Amazing Collection Is the Result of Years of Collecting

Old and worn by use, foreign coins are also an important part of the collection in the safe. They give us a glimpse into the mind of the collector.

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They were patient and curious. They saved bills and coins and put them aside over the years with patience and care. The end result is the incredible collection discovered decades later by accident.

How Many Similar Treasures Are Waiting to Be Discovered?

So many people must have collected old coins and bills, jewelry and other valuables. They are hidden in old boxes and safes, in dusty corners and dark basements. They are just waiting for the curious person to find them.

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So, when you are going to a garage sale or clearing out an old storage unit, pay attention to every item. A big, old and rusty box can hide amazing heirlooms or historical objects that tell a great tale!

The Youtube Comment Section Has Spoken

According to the community on Youtube, had the man been patient and waited for a locksmith, he could have also made a fortune on the value of the safe itself.

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The question is, with a surge of curiosity and excitement, would you wait for a locksmith or would you keep the entire experience of breaking into the safe for yourself. Only you can answer that!