Putin’s ego took a hit recently when his grand plans to show off captured Ukrainian military vehicles backfired. Just days before exhibiting seized British and American armored cars and tanks in a Victory Day parade, Ukraine used a precision drone strike to destroy one of Russia’s advanced radar systems.

The attack was a clear sign that, despite Putin’s claims of battlefield dominance, Ukraine still fights left. Now Russia’s propaganda parade designed to glorify the Red Army’s World War Two triumph over Hitler risks highlighting the Kremlin’s struggles in a war entering its third year.

Putin’s Victory Parade Dampened by Drone Attack

The attack on Russia’s advanced radar system before the Victory Day parade has cast a shadow over Putin’s attempts to showcase Russia’s military might. While the Russian president had hoped to use the annual May 9 celebration of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany to boost morale at home and abroad, the drone strike is a reminder that Ukraine’s armed forces remain resilient and capable of striking back.

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The loss of the radar installation likely means Russia’s air defenses around Moscow will be degraded, at least temporarily. This comes at an embarrassing time for Putin, as he was just days away from showing off the latest Russian weaponry in Red Square.

Putin Doesn’t Have The Control He Showcases

While Putin portrays himself as a strongman in full control of Russia’s military machine, the drone attack reveals cracks in this façade. The radar system targeted was one of Russia’s most advanced, meant to detect incoming threats like drones and missiles. But Ukraine was able to destroy it with ease, indicating Russia’s defenses are still porous despite months of fighting.

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This comes just as Putin wanted to celebrate Russia’s military might by parading Ukrainian military vehicles through Red Square. But Ukraine spoiled the show by destroying the radar, embarrassing Russia and undermining Putin’s narrative of complete dominance.

Podlyot Radar Complex Destroyed Before Exhibit Opens

The Ukrainian drone strike reportedly destroyed Russia’s Podlyot radar. The destruction of the Podlyot complex is a symbolic victory for Ukraine, showing that even strategic Russian installations close to the capital are vulnerable.

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It indicates that Ukraine still can strike deep into areas Russia considers safe and secure. The timing of the attack, just before the highly anticipated parade, maximizes the embarrassment for Putin and undermines his narrative of Russia’s supposed dominance in the war.

Ukraine’s Geese 9 Unit is Responsible

Ukraine’s Geese 9 Unit claimed responsibility for destroying the Podlyot radar system over the weekend at an undisclosed location.

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Using Polish-made ‘ Warmate ‘ kamikaze drones, the unit damaged the radar dish’s antenna and power supply. The complex, deployed since 2015, detects targets and provides coordinates to anti-aircraft systems. Its destruction was a blow to Putin’s claims of dominance on the battlefield.

Captured Vehicles on Display

The exhibit was meant to celebrate Russia’s success “against Ukrainian militants and their Western supporters.” Captured British, American and other armored vehicles were displayed under banners proclaiming, “Our victory is inevitable.”

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However, Russia’s war against Ukraine, now in its third year, shows no signs of ending. The display of captured vehicles from the U.S., Britain, Sweden, France and other countries that support Ukraine’s independence added insult to injury.

Ongoing Conflict

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine shows no signs of ending anytime soon. Russian forces continue to suffer losses while making only incremental gains in the eastern Donbas region. Ukraine, with the help of Western weapons and intelligence, has been able to frustrate Russian objectives and even launch attacks deep inside Russian-held territory.

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Both sides appear prepared for a long and punishing war of attrition, with massive costs in lives and resources. A negotiated settlement that respects Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity while providing adequate security guarantees remains the best hope to end this bloody conflict.

Captured Vehicles as Propaganda

The captured vehicles themselves were also meant as a propaganda tool. Displaying Western tanks and armored cars beneath banners proclaiming “Our victory is inevitable” was a way for Putin to threaten Ukraine’s allies and project confidence in the war effort.

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However, the vehicles serve as a reminder of the substantial foreign aid Ukraine receives, aid which has allowed them to hold off Russia for over three years.

Putin Claims Inevitable Victory Despite Ongoing War

Putin boasted about capturing British and American armored vehicles from Ukraine to display in Moscow’s Victory Park. The exhibit was meant to celebrate Russia’s success against Ukraine. However, just days before the opening, Ukraine destroyed a new Russian radar system, showing Putin does not have the upper hand.

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The human and economic costs of the war continue to rise for both sides. A negotiated settlement that includes security guarantees for Ukraine remains the best hope to end this bloody conflict. However, neither Putin nor Zelensky appears willing to make the major compromises needed for a lasting peace deal.

Russia Has Always Claimed To Be The Stronger Country

Though the conflict has dragged on for years, Russia portrays the war as nearly won. The parade featured a Bradley tank, CV90, and AMX-10RC from the US, Sweden, and France – all sent to help Ukraine.

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Weapons and vehicles from 9 countries were shown off, along with war documents touting Russia’s inevitable triumph. However, Ukraine’s precision strikes and $60 billion in aid from the U.S. will make victory hard-fought.

Podlyot Radar System New Technology Deployed Since 2015

The Podlyot radar system is a new long-range radar deployed by Russia in 2015. It can detect stealth aircraft and ballistic missiles at up to 1,500 kilometers. Russia touted the Podlyot system as cutting-edge technology, but its vulnerability suggests that Russia’s military capabilities may be overstated.

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Ukraine’s ability to destroy the radar with precision strikes indicates they continue to effectively counter Russian forces despite Moscow’s claims of inevitable victory. The destruction of the Podlyot radar is a reminder that Russia’s air defenses are not impenetrable.

Ongoing Proxy War

The war in Ukraine has lasted over three years, with Russia and Ukraine using advanced weapons and foreign aid. The U.S. recently approved $60.8 billion in aid for Ukraine, allowing it to buy more anti-tank missiles and combat drones.

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Ukraine has used these weapons to destroy several Russian aircraft and damage Russian technology like the Podlyot radar. Russia supplies separatists in eastern Ukraine, making the conflict a proxy war. Despite Putin’s boast of inevitable victory, the war shows no signs of ending soon.

Ukraine Receiving Aid From US and Other Countries

For years, Ukraine has relied on aid from Western nations to counter Russia. The new funding and military equipment will help Ukraine continue defending itself against its much larger neighbor.

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Russia may put on grand displays of stolen military vehicles, but precision drone strikes and anti-tank missiles show that Ukraine and its allies have not given up the fight. Putin’s dreams of swiftly defeating Ukraine have been dashed as long as Ukraine’s friends continue their support.

A Symbolic Show of Force

While the parade of armored vehicles and weaponry was meant to symbolize Russia’s strength and military progress, the destruction of the Podlyot radar system by Ukrainian forces indicates that Russia’s technological capabilities and air defenses may be more vulnerable than Putin claims.

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The parade’s location, where the Soviet Union once celebrated its achievements, further highlights Russia’s desire to portray itself as the rightful successor to the Soviet military legacy. However, the Ukrainian resistance and Western aid have prevented Russia from achieving an easy victory, dashing Putin’s ambitions of restoring Russia’s dominance over its neighbor.

The Human Cost

Despite shows of military might, the conflict has been tragic. Countless lives were lost, and the suffering inflicted on Ukrainians is immeasurable. The international community condemned Russia’s actions, though some Russian nationalists supported the war.

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The conflict continues with no end in sight. While Russia displays captured weapons, Ukraine adapts to evolving battlefields with international support. Ukraine’s military and civilian groups use drones and new weapons to defend their nation. Though tanks and drones shape the war, the human cost underscores the need to end the conflict.

Ukraine Set Up For Victory With Support

The recent successful strike on a key Russian radar complex highlights the resourcefulness of Ukraine’s military and civilian groups using drones. While Russia aims to project an image of strength with displays like Victory Day, the seized vehicles symbolize losses and miscalculations.

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With steadfast international support and military aid, Ukraine stands poised to defend its sovereignty. Yet everyone must remember the terrible human toll of the ongoing war. The path ahead remains uncertain, but Ukraine has proven its determination against all odds.