President Joe Biden used a portion of his State of Union address on Thursday night to criticize the Supreme Court with several justices in attendance to witness it firsthand. The discussion was primarily focused on last month’s ruling from the Alabama Supreme Court that viewed frozen embryos as the legal equivalent of children.

Biden Highlighted Birmingham Social Worker, Roe vs Wade

Biden introduced Latorya Beasley, a Birmingham social worker, to the audience of his State of Union address. Beasley gave birth to a baby girl last year “thanks to the miracle of” in vitro fertilization (IVF).

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Access in Alabama to IVF treatments was reportedly paused after the Alabama Supreme Court ruling last month. Biden compared the Court’s decision to the moment when the U.S. Supreme Court decided to overturn Roe v Wade in June of 2022.

Biden Stated Beasley Was Told ‘Her Dream Would Have To Wait’

Biden explained that Beasley wanted to have a second child through IVF treatments. However, the Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe v Wade built the foundation for the Alabama Supreme Court decision to shut down IVF treatments statewide.

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Biden stated that Beasley “was told her dream would have to wait.” With a firm tone, he added that “what her family had gone through should never have happened.”

President Biden Called On Congress To ‘Guarantee The Right To IVF Nationwide’

Biden then called on the Republicans in the U.S. Congress to work with their Democratic counterparts to “guarantee the right to IVF nationwide.” Members from both parties have already criticized the Alabama Supreme Court for its controversial decision.

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For instance, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu described the controversial ruling as “scary” at a recent political summit. Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz told CNN that there was clearly something “totally wrong” with it.

Rep. Matt Gaetz Thinks ‘Alabama Law Needs To Change’

Gaetz believed that the Alabama Supreme Court “correctly assessed the law” when it reached its decision. However, according to Gaetz, that is where the root of the problem is found.

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Gaetz stated that “Alabama law needs to change because the Republican party cannot be the party against family formation.” He also said that those who want to start a family “should have the government and the law on their side.”

Alabama Justices Cited State Constitution: ‘Unborn Children Are Children’

The Alabama Constitution was reportedly cited by the state’s justices when the decision was made. The constitution recognizes the clear “rights of the unborn child.” According to the document, “unborn children are ‘children.”

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The law further explains that the principle applies “without exception” regardless of the “developmental stage” or “physical location” of the child.

Nikki Haley Changed Her Position, Advises Alabama To ‘Look At The Law’

Initially, Nikki Haley firmly believed that embryos “are babies.” However, she apparently changed her position recently as proven by her interview with CNN. She stated that the Alabama Supreme Court “needs to back and look at the law.”

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Haley emphasized that the American people do not “want fertility treatments” to shut down. In addition, they “don’t want them to stop doing IVF treatments.”

Alabama Senator Agrees With Ruling, Claims ‘We Need More Kids’

Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville showed his support and agreement with the controversial ruling during a recent interview with NBC News. Tuberville claimed that he was “all for it.”

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According to Tuberville, “we need more kids.” He added that “we need people to have an opportunity to have kids.”

Three Couples Were Allowed To Pursue Wrongful Death Claims Against IVF Clinic

The frozen embryos belonging to three separate couples in Alabama were reportedly destroyed due to a mishap at a storage facility. The Alabama justices allowed these couples to pursue wrongful death claims against the IVF clinic responsible for the mishap.

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According to Penn Medicine, there were approximately 1 million babies born within the U.S. alone between 1987 and 2015 through the use of IVF treatments or other similar reproductive technologies.

Clinicians Advise That Controversial Ruling Could Cause Two Major Declines

Clinicians felt that this controversial ruling from the Court could lead to the creation of fewer embryos by couples This decline in embryo production will drastically affect the chances of the couple having a successful pregnancy.

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Another decline that has raised major concerns for clinicians and scientists alike is regarding genetic testing. With a decline in embryo production, this means that it is more likely couples will skip the genetic testing needed to detect abnormalities within embryos.

President Biden Also Used Social Media To Criticize The Controversial Ruling

President Joe Biden posted on X/Twitter that the controversial ruling was “a direct result of Donald Trump ending Roe v Wade.” This comment was clearly a reference to the historic decision made by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2022.

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The Court decided to end the right to abortion that was in place for five decades thanks to the original Roe v Wade decision made in 1973.

Vice President Kamala Harris Discussed The Matter During Reproductive Rights Event

Vice President Kamala Harris reportedly spoke about the matter during a reproductive rights event in Michigan. Harris said that those “who want to start a family are now being deprived of access to what can help them” to achieve that goal.

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Harris added that, on one hand, proponents said “that an individual doesn’t have a right to end an unwanted pregnancy.” Conversely, on the other hand, the same person “does not have a right to start a family.”

Biden Also Referenced ‘800,000 New Manufacturing Jobs’ During His Address

Another topic that President Biden mentioned during his State of the Union address was the growth of the economy and job opportunities. He claimed that there were “800,000 new manufacturing jobs” created throughout his administration.

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CNN later fact-checked this statement and concluded that his figure was correct. From Biden’s first full month in office (February 2021) through January 2024, over 791,000 manufacturing jobs were created according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What Is The State Of The Union Address?

The State of the Union address is delivered by the U.S. president annually as a speech presented to a joint session of the U.S. Congress. The President is supposed to use this particular speech to discuss the current condition of the nation.

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In addition, the President can highlight different parts of the legislative agenda of his administration. He will also reference the priorities that he will focus on in the year to come.

Understanding The Significance Of The State Of The Union Address

One of the most significant parts of the State of the Union address is when the U.S. President discusses the pressing issues that have likely been on the minds of most citizens. For instance, the overturning of Roe v Wade has been a major concern of a lot of people for the last two years now.

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The speech also presents the U.S. President with an opportunity to address any challenges or threats that the country may face. This address is usually presented in late January/early February.