OJ Simpson, the former NFL football star who was accused and acquitted of murder, has reportedly died. His family confirmed that the Naked Gun actor died at the age of 76 after his battle with cancer.

Simpson Family Confirms Passing, Requests ‘Privacy And Grace’ In Statement

The family of Orenthal James Simpson (also referred to as “OJ Simpson”) confirmed his death in an official statement. According to the statement, Simpson passed away on Wednesday, April 10.

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Gerald Johnson

The family confirmed in the statement that OJ Simpson “succumbed to his battle with cancer” while being surrounded by his children and grandchildren. During this “time of transition,” the family requested that people “respect their wishes for privacy and grace.”

Simpson Referenced Cancer Battle In Social Media Video Last Year

OJ Simpson reportedly referenced his cancer battle in a video posted on X/Twitter in May 2023. The former football star revealed that he “caught cancer” and then “had to do the whole chemo thing.”

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He added that “it looks like I beat it.” He did not disclose the specific type of cancer of which he was diagnosed.

Las Vegas TV Station Reported That Simpson Was Undergoing Cancer Treatment

A Las Vegas television station reported that OJ Simpson was undergoing treatment for an unspecified type of cancer back in February 2024. Simpson also posted a video to X/Twitter on the same day in response to the reports and rumors circulating about his condition.

Source: Pixabay/Andrzej Rembowski

Simpson denied rumors that he was currently in hospice care. However, he did not confirm or deny the reports of his illness.

Simpson Claimed, ‘My Health Is Good’, ‘I Think I’m Just About Over It’

Simpson posted another video update on X/Twitter two days after debunking rumors about hospice care. In this particular video, Simpson thanked the people that reached out to him.

Source: Pixabay/Methawee Krasaeden

He stated that “my health is good.” He added that he was “dealing with some issues, but I think I’m just about over it.”

OJ Simpson Set NFL Records, Was Named NFL MVP In Early 1970s

OJ Simpson, nicknamed “The Juice”, set records and made plenty of headlines throughout his successful career as a NFL running back. He played for the Buffalo Bills and the San Francisco 49ers between 1969 and 1979.

Source: Pixabay/3D Animation Production Company

In addition to being named the NFL MVP in 1973, Simpson also became the first NFL Player to generate 2,000 rushing yards in a single season the same year. He was later inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1985.

Simpson Was Top Spokesperson For Various Products And Brands

OJ Simpson was also a popular spokesperson at the height of his career for various brands and products. Some of his most popular commercial appearances were in advertisements for Hertz rental cars.

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Alden Jewell

He was widely-known for coining the tagline “Go, OJ, Go!” as he would sprint through airports in Hertz commercials to rent a car. He also secured acting roles on television shows and movies – including Roots and the Naked Gun franchise.

Nicole Brown Simpson, Ron Goldman Were Brutally Stabbed In June 1994

Nicole Brown Simpson, OJ Simpson’s ex-wife, and her friend Ronald “Ron” Goldman were stabbed to death outside of Nicole’s home on June 12, 1994. Within a matter of days, police announced their objective to arrest O.J. Simpson as a prime suspect for both murders.

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There was a sufficient amount of physical evidence collected at the crime scene – including footprints, blood, and DNA samples – that indicated the perpetrator was familiar with both victims. The announcement was made by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) on June 17, 1994.

Low-Speed Chase With Simpson In White Ford Bronco Watched By 95M Americans

Over 95 million Americans reportedly watched a high speed chase on June 17 involving a white Ford Bronco owned by OJ Simpson being pursued by police for nearly 2 hours. Simpson was reportedly in the backseat with a handgun making suicidal threats.

Source: Wikimedia Commons/MercurySable99

His longtime friend Al Cowlings drove the Bronco during the 60-mile, low-speed chase. The pursuit ended at Simpson’s home in Brentwood, Los Angeles. The former NFL legend and actor then surrendered to authorities.

‘People Of The State Of California vs OJ Simpson’ Trial Started On January 24, 1995

The murder trial officially started with opening statements from the defense and prosecution teams on January 24, 1995. Christopher Darden and Marcia Clark were the lead prosecutors for the case.

Source: Pixabay/3D Animation Production Company

They faced a lot of scrutiny, criticism and media attention throughout the months of the trial for handling the case. Widely-known attorney Johnnie Cochran led O.J. Simpson’s defense team.

Johnnie Cochran: ‘If It Doesn’t Fit, You Must Acquit’, Glove Demonstration

Cochran was able to strategically raise doubts about the quality and integrity of the evidence presented throughout the case. He also highlighted key issues related to police misconduct and race.

Source: Wikimedia Commons/David Becker

A memorable moment of the trial occurred during a demonstration involving the glove that was found at the crime scene. O.J. Simpson struggled to put the glove on his hand, which led to additional doubts regarding the relevance of the glove as evidence. Regarding the glove, Cochran was famously quoted as saying, “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”

Detective Mark Fuhrman Found Key Evidence, Credibility Questioned During Trial

Detective Mark Fuhrman was the LAPD detective that found key evidence at the crime scene – including the bloody glove. However, his credibility became a primary issue during the trial.

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Tomas Del Coro

There were allegations of perjury and racism that poked holes in Fuhrman’s credibility and testimony. For instance, his use of racial slurs (specifically the N-word) was targeted in questioning by Johnnie Cochran.

Ron Shipp, Former Friend Of Simpson, Testified For The Prosecution

Ron Shipp, a former friend of OJ Simpson, testified on behalf of the prosecution of the case instead of the defense team. The former LAPD officer alleged that Simpson made incriminating statements specifically about the murders in question.

Source: Pixabay/Sang Hyun Cho

Shipp highlighted conversations that he and OJ Simpson had in the months leading up to the night of the murders. Shipp claimed that Simpson allegedly made disturbing comments about Nicole – including violent threats and expressions of jealousy & anger.

History Of Domestic Abuse Highlighted During Murder Trial

Shipp also provided details of the history of abusive behavior and domestic violence that OJ Simpson exhibited towards Nicole Brown Simpson. This testimony supported the argument made by the prosecution that O.J. Simpson had a motive for committing the murders.

Source: Pixabay/Tumisu

The history of domestic abuse was also emphasized in testimony given by Denise Brown, the sister of Nicole Brown Simpson. Denise referenced specific incidents of abusive behavior that Nicole discussed with her – including instances of being allegedly slapped, pushed, and threatened by O.J. Simpson.

O.J. Simpson Was Acquitted Of Murder Charges After Four-Hour Jury Deliberation

The jury reportedly deliberated for nearly four hours after the prosecution and defense teams concluded their arguments. Crowds gathered near the courthouse and millions of people watched the televised proceedings throughout the country, eagerly anticipating the reading of the verdict.

Source: Pixabay/MariaKray

Judge Lance Ito entered the courtroom at 10:00am local time to announce the verdict. The jury found O.J. Simpson was not guilty of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson or Ronald Goldman.

O.J. Simpson Explained ‘Purely Hypothetical’ Account Of Murders In Past Interview

O.J. Simpson made headlines again with a 2006 interview that did not air until 2018. During the interview, which was with publisher Judith Regan, Simpson held a “purely hypothetical” discussion of what happened the night of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman’s murders.

Source: Pixabay/Studio Iris

The interview featured Simpson speaking in detail about his “hypothetical” presence at the crime scene – including his disposal of the bloody clothes and other specific actions. Christopher Darden served as a panelist during the two-hour special that highlighted the interview.

Chris Darden: ‘I Think He’s Confessed To Murder’ In 2006 Interview

Referring to the controversial 2006 interview and “hypothetical” discussion, Chris Darden expressed his thought that “he’s confessed to murder.” Darden added that if he had known he said this in 2006, he “would not have objected to the release of the video.”

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Christopher Darden

Darden further expressed that he did not think “there’s any question of his involvement and that he is the person who is wielding the knife.” Darden was one of the objectors that forced Fox to shelve the interview when the network initially wanted to release it in 2006.

O.J. Simpson Was Arrested In Las Vegas For Armed Robbery In 2007

O.J. Simpson was reportedly arrested back in 2007 for armed robbery in Las Vegas. He reportedly broke into a hotel room located within the Palace Station. The former NFL legend stole memorabilia at gunpoint.

Source: Pixabay/Arek Socha

Simpson later admitted that he took the items. However, he stated that they were initially stolen from him. He also denied that he broke into the hotel room.

Simpson Was Tried For 12 Counts Related To Armed Robbery, Kidnapping

Simpson went to trial for the armed robbery as he was tried for a total of 12 separate counts related to the incident. For instance, he was charged with two counts for the reported first-degree kidnapping of the two sports memorabilia dealers involved – Alfred Beardsley and Bruce Fromong.

Source: Pixabay/Steve Buissinne

He also received two counts of robbery with a deadly weapon, two accounts of assault with the weapon, and burglary with a deadly weapon. He was also tried for three counts of conspiracy – specifically to commit kidnapping, robbery, and a crime.

Simpson Was Found Guilty On All Charges, Sentenced To 33 Years In Prison

O.J. Simpson was found guilty on all charges filed against him on October 3, 2008. The judge sentenced him to serve 33 years in prison with the possibility of receiving parole after a 9-year sentence.

Source: Pixabay/James Timothy Peters

Simpson was imprisoned at the Lovelock Correctional Center located in Northern Nevada. A Nevada parole board granted Simpson an early release in 2017.