The aftermath of George Floyd’s murder brought about several societal changes. Let’s talk about the national protests that followed which made institutions, companies, and various individuals actively seek ways for improvement.

The solutions they found aimed more towards becoming more socially and racially inclusive but these efforts have received nothing but negative reactions from the general public.

The History Of DEI Dates Back To The 1960s

The history of DEI can be traced back to the mid-1960s when society and the corporate world began to change. These policies were really needed and they aimed to promote the treatment of individuals regardless of their race, color, gender, and nationality.

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However, despite the intentions of the policy, it faced so many challenges. And until this day lawmakers are still trying to eliminate them. In a bid to eliminate these policies, the University of Florida has fired all the employees in their DEI administrative roles. And this has caused quite an uproar.

The Most Recent Announcement In Florida

Florida’s Board of Education made a very unsettling announcement and this rule isn’t sitting right with the people of Florida. The new rule banned all public colleges from using state and federal funds for any of the DEI programs.

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It’s not just diversity, equity, and inclusion programs, it also extends toward activities and policies. The main aim is to make sure that taxpayer funds are no longer used to fund or promote DEI policies.

An Alliance To Counter This Growing Crisis

In a bid to respond to these targeted attacks on the DEI policies, concerned individuals and organizations have decided to come together and fight back.

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Some of these organizations are unofficial coalitions of civil rights, political groups, and also some advocacy groups. Together with them was the National Urban League. The Black Economic Alliance and the Congressional Black Caucus weren’t left behind.

The National Association For The Advancement Of Colored Persons Has Decided To Fight Back As Well

The NAACP has decided to take a little step towards fighting back against the university’s decision to ban the use of state and federal funds on any of the diversity, equity, and inclusion programs and activities on campus.

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The directive from the National Association For Advancement of Colored Persons has urged and persuaded all Black student-athletes to boycott all 28+ Florida universities. This letter came after the university fired all employees in DEI administrative positions.

This Directive Is Not About Politics

The letter from the NAACP tried its best to convey its intentions in the best way possible. The letter stated that this directive was not fueled by politics, it’s more about protecting the future of the Black community, the culture, and most importantly the education.


While it’s not about politics, it’s also not about sports, the NAACP believes that it’s more about Black people acknowledging their rights and knowing exactly how to fight when it has been breached.

De Santis’ Obvious Devaluation For Black Americans

This letter was prepared and signed by the president and CEO of the National Association of Advancement of Colored Persons in person of Derrick Johnson and also the association’s National Board of Directors Leon W. Russell.

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They further revealed that the State’s new anti-DEI policy is more likely to be against Black people which was enacted by Gov. Desantis. The Gov. has never really been a fan of Black Americans and this only confirms it.

Black Americans And Other College Athletes Are Important

If there’s something these colleges need to know, it’s how valuable Black college athletes are to these large universities. Their importance is unmatched. And if these anti-DEI institutions aren’t ready to invest in them then it’s time to look elsewhere.

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These rules are only going to do more harm than good. The state’s rampant anti-black policies are nothing but threats to the improvement of young black people and this will only make it harder for them to participate on a global scale.

The University Even Has One Of The Most Prominent Athlete Programs

Boycotting all the Florida universities might have its effect, and it might make a positive impact. Reports have shown that the University of Florida, the Florida State University, and also the University of South Florida have some of the best players.

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These institutions have some of the best basketball and football programs in the state. According to the Department of Education, this has contributed immensely to the state’s revenue of almost $177 million between July 1, 2021, and June 30, 2022.

Florida Isn’t The Only State With The Anti-DEI Policies

Yes! Florida isn’t the only state with these DEI bans. We also have Texas hopping on this bandwagon. Texas Gov. Gregg Abbot has also signed a law that requires that all state-funded colleges close their DEI offices.

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Utah is also on its way to banning all government offices and universities from having dedicated offices for the promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Mayor Of Birmingham Also Had Something To Say

Earlier in February, the mayor of Birmingham contributed to the conversation on Facebook saying that if his state ever passed a bill to stop DEI funding in institutions he only had one piece of advice to give.

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He stated that he’d advise all the athletes to move off the state and head out somewhere they’d be more appreciated.

Criticisms From The University’s Alumni

The university’s alumni are utterly disgusted by this decision of their school. NFL Hall of Famer Emmit Smith posted on his X account, where he called the precedent its alma mater has set disgusting.

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Also, Ashley White who is an education fellow at the NAACP, emphasized what they don’t know is that Black America is the driving force behind the country’s culture.

Colleges Must Invest In The Black Society

These colleges need to know that to benefit from the Black talents they must first invest in the education of all Black students without question.

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This is just a case of an imbalance of power and demand. These colleges expect to gain from these talents without standing for them when it matters the most.

Universities Can Be More!

The NAACP is fighting this battle not just for the Black Athletes but for the University of Florida and every other university against the DEI policies out there. They need to be able to contribute more to creating a very supportive environment for all students.

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And until that happens, it is up to every individual and the colored community at large to stand for themselves and hold these institutions accountable for their actions.!