Mark Robinson, a GOP candidate from North Carolina, reportedly wanted the U.S. to go back in time to a point where women were not able to vote. A video of his comments resurfaced shortly after his major political victory on Super Tuesday.

Robinson Referenced Another Man’s MAGA Comments

In the recorded clip, which was initially recorded at the Republican Women of Pitt County event from March of 2020, Robinson referenced a MAGA-related comment that he heard from a different man. He apparently heard a man ask about the “Make American Great Again” phrase.

Source: Wikimedia/JWaugh3

Robinson assumed that the man implied an America where “Black people were swinging from cheap trees.” In addition, the man referenced a time when “women couldn’t vote.” Robinson then responded to those comments with the now-viral response laced in controversy and misinterpretations.

Robinson: ‘I Absolutely Want To Back’ To America Where Women Couldn’t Vote

The Republican was battling as a candidate for the Lieutenant Governor position in North Carolina at the time of the recording. Robinson said that he would respond to the man’s remarks by saying, “I absolutely want to go back to the America where women couldn’t vote.”

Source: Wikimedia/Bain News Service

Robinson mentioned that he would say that directly to the man if he was “standing in front of him.”

Robinson Accused Michelle Obama Of Being A Transgender Woman

Mark even accused Michelle Obama of being a transgender woman by referring to her with a “he” pronoun in a Facebook post from 2017. He also referred to the former First Lady as an “anti-American, abortion and gay marriage supporting, liberal leftist elitist.”

Source: Wikimedia/Pete Souza

He used other social media posts to state that Michelle Obama was the “stench of human waste” that spoke “Wookie” and “ghetto.”

NC GOP Candidate Reflects On Time When People ‘Fought For Real Social Change’

Mark Robinson apparently clarified his easily misinterpreted comment by referencing social change. He mentioned that “in those days” when women could not vote, there were Republicans who “fought for real social change.”

Source: Wikimedia/Niccolo Caranti

Robinson then stated, “that’s the America we want to bring back.” He expanded on the concept by stating they “want to bring back the America where Republicans and principles and true ideas of freedom rule.”

Robinson Once Said He’s ‘Not Ashamed Of Anything’ He Posted Online

Robinson was in a lot of hot water several years ago when some of his past controversial social media posts resurfaced in the news. The lieutenant governor reportedly made derogatory comments about Muslims, transgender people, a Jewish filmmaker, Democrat-supporting Black Americans as well as former President Barack Obama.

Source: Pixabay/Erik Lucatero

During a September 2020 interview, he made it clear that he would not apologize for his past social media comments. Robinson claimed that he was “not ashamed of anything” that he posted.

Mark Robinson Mocked ‘Black Panther’, Labeled Stan Lee As ‘Agnostic Jew’

Robinson apparently did not appreciate Black Panther when it was released in theaters back in 2018. He posted on Facebook at the time of its release that the movie tried to make Black people more favorable to Jews.

Source: Wikimedia/Gage Skidmore

According to his post, he targeted those who “know so little about their true history” that refused to “acknowledge the pure sorry state of their current condition.” However, he felt it was ironically “amazing” to see those same people “get so excited about a fictional ‘hero’ created by an agnostic Jew” – referring to Stan Lee.

Robinson: Transgender Women Should ‘Find A Corner Outside’ Instead Of Restrooms

Mark Robinson has built a reputation for himself of making controversial statements without hesitation. For instance, earlier this month, he promoted the idea of arresting transgender women for using bathrooms reserved for women.

Source: Wikimedia/Mark Buckawicki

Robinson claimed that those were “confused” should “find a corner outside somewhere” to use as a bathroom. He concluded his comments by stating that “we’re not tearing society down because of this.”

Robinson: No One Should Tell A Child About ‘Filth’ Like Transgenderism, Homosexuality

Robinson even brought controversy to the pulpit with a sermon first presented in 2021. Mark stated that there was “no reason” that anyone in America should tell a child about “transgenderism, homosexuality” or “any of that filth.”

Source: Wikimedia Commons

He did not walk back his controversial comments even after he was condemned by North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper. Robinson was also condemned by the White House but claimed that he refused to “be bullied into submission,” apologize, or resign.

Robinson Referred To LGBTQ+ Community As ‘Maggots’, ‘Flies’

Later in the same year, Robinson mentioned that same-sex couples were inferior to straight couples. His primary reason was because straight couples were able to reproduce sexually.

Source: Pixabay/Mircea Iancu

He compared the LGBTQ+ community to “maggots,” “flies,” and “what the cows leave behind.” He commented that you are “either a man or a woman” regardless how you “cut yourself up”, “drug yourself up” or “dress yourself up.”

Robinson Felt It’s Time To ‘Start Reading Some Of Those Quotes’ From Hitler, Stalin

During a “Blessings of the Liberty Breakfast” event last July, Mark Robinson told the audience that it was time to “start reading some of those quotes” from Hitler, Chairman Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot. He stated that reading the quotes should be done instead of criticizing conservative groups for quoting Hitler.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

His comments may have gained applause from his intended audience. However, the response online to his comments was nowhere near as positive.

Mark Robinson About Pregnant Women: ‘It’s Not Her Body Anymore’

Another controversial statement that Mark Robinson made was in a 2021 interview with the East Carolinian. He stated that after a woman becomes pregnant, “it’s not her body anymore.”

Source: Pixabay

Robinson added fuel to the fire of a lot of people upset by his comments by implying that assault victims deserved what occurred. His comments were based on the evolutionary theory of the “survival of the fittest” published and promoted by Charles Darwin.

Robinson Compared Pregnant Woman Discussion To Seat Belts, Darwin Theory

Robinson stated that the issue about pregnant women and their bodies reminded him of the ongoing argument about seat belts. He could always remember the “one person who would say, ‘What if I get stuck on the railroad tracks and my seat belt won’t come off?'”

Source: Pixabay/C. Farnsworth

Mark responded to the question by noting that if you are ever stuck on the railroad track, “that is Darwin.” He also said that he couldn’t help the person since “that is Darwin.”

‘Black Democrats Don’t Realize They Are Slaves’, Robinson Claimed

“Half of black Democrats don’t realize they are slaves and don’t know who their masters are,” Robinson wrote in a different social media post. He also added that the “slaves” have no idea who their masters are” – which he referred to as the Democratic National Committee.

Source: Wikimedia/Sonia Kapadia

Regarding the “other half” of black Democrats, Robinson mentioned that they “don’t care.”

Robinson ‘Wouldn’t Be Surprised’ If 1969 Moon Landing Was Fake

Another controversial statement made by Mark Robinson was that he “wouldn’t be surprised” in the 1969 landing on the moon was fake. An even more shocking reference was that he believed the 9/11 terrorist attacks could have been part of an “inside job.”

Source: Wikimedia/NASA

Other controversial comments accused Beyonce of being part of the Illuminati and Jewish bankers as being part of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.