As the Biden administration grapples with a surge in illegal immigration, legal U.S. immigrants are voicing their growing frustration and disappointment with the current situation. They feel that the system is unfair to those who have followed the rules and spent years navigating the complex process of becoming citizens.

Pakistani Immigrant’s Struggle to Reunite with His Wife

Muhammad Hassan, a Pakistani immigrant who spent nearly 20 years becoming a U.S. citizen, has been trying for four years to bring his wife to the country. Despite providing all the necessary documents promptly, Hassan has been met with silence from the government, leaving him and his wife unable to start a family and build a life together.

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The financial and emotional toll on the couple has been significant, with Hassan running two households and spending thousands of dollars on tickets to visit his wife. He has reached out to his congressman, senator, and the White House, but to no avail.

Rep. Jim McGovern’s Constituent Left in the Lurch

When asked about his congressman, Hassan named Rep. Jim McGovern, D-Mass. The lack of response from elected officials has left Hassan feeling frustrated and unsupported. He believes that the breakdown in law and order not only hurts those who enter the country illegally but also the rest of the nation.

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Legal immigrants, like Hassan, have come to value the stability and structure of American society, but the current situation threatens to undermine these principles.

German Immigrant’s Journey to Citizenship

Sabine Durden-Coulter, a German immigrant, came to California in 1989 with a resident alien card and became an American citizen in February 1996. The process required a significant investment of time, money, and resources, as well as navigating a complex bureaucratic system.

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Durden-Coulter expressed her anger, sadness, and disappointment at the current state of affairs in the U.S., emphasizing the unfairness of the situation for those who have followed the legal path to citizenship.

A Mother’s Tragic Loss and Call for Change

In July 2012, Durden-Coulter’s life was shattered when her son Dominic was killed in a motorcycle accident caused by an undocumented driver on probation in California. The Guatemalan migrant, who had a lengthy criminal record, was deported in 2014.

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As an “angel mom,” Durden-Coulter is urging people to speak out and demand change from the government. She emphasizes that the issue of illegal immigration affects everyone in the United States, regardless of where they live.

The Toll on Families and Relationships

For legal immigrants like Hassan, the prolonged separation from loved ones takes a heavy toll on their personal lives. The inability to start a family, create memories, and share experiences with his wife has left Hassan feeling isolated and frustrated.

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The financial burden of maintaining two households and the constant travel to visit his wife add to the strain on their relationship and their overall well-being.

The Value of Law and Order in American Society

Legal immigrants have come to the United States seeking stability, opportunity, and a society built on law and order. The current surge in illegal immigration threatens to undermine these values, leaving many legal immigrants questioning the fairness and integrity of the system.

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Hassan emphasizes that the breakdown in law and order not only affects those who enter the country illegally but also has far-reaching consequences for the entire nation.

The Complex and Costly Path to Citizenship

Durden-Coulter’s experience highlights the significant investment of time, money, and resources required to become a U.S. citizen through legal channels. The process often involves navigating a complex bureaucratic system and filling out countless forms and documents.

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For many legal immigrants, the journey to citizenship is a long and arduous one, requiring patience, perseverance, and a deep commitment to the American dream.

The Consequences of Illegal Immigration on Public Safety

The tragic death of Dominic Durden at the hands of an undocumented driver with a criminal record underscores the potential public safety risks associated with illegal immigration. The driver’s deportation in 2014 came too late for Durden-Coulter and her family.

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Durden-Coulter’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the human cost of illegal immigration and the need for a more effective and compassionate approach to border security and immigration policy.

The Importance of Speaking Out and Demanding Change

As an “angel mom,” Durden-Coulter is using her voice to advocate for change and to encourage others to speak out about the impact of illegal immigration on their lives and communities. She stresses that this issue affects everyone in the United States, regardless of where they live.

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By sharing their stories and experiences, legal immigrants like Hassan and Durden-Coulter hope to raise awareness about the challenges they face and push for a more fair and equitable immigration system.

The Need for a Compassionate and Effective Immigration Policy

The current surge in illegal immigration highlights the need for a more compassionate and effective approach to border security and immigration policy. Legal immigrants, who have followed the rules and invested heavily in the process of becoming citizens, are calling for a system that rewards those who play by the rules.

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Policymakers must balance the need for secure borders with the importance of providing a clear and accessible path to citizenship for those who seek to contribute to American society.

The Impact on Local Communities and Resources

The surge in illegal immigration places a significant strain on local communities and resources, from schools and hospitals to law enforcement and social services. This burden falls not only on taxpayers but also on legal immigrants who have worked hard to build lives and contribute to their communities.

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As the debate over immigration policy continues, it is essential to consider the wide-ranging impacts of illegal immigration on American society and to work toward solutions that prioritize fairness, security, and the rule of law.

The Role of Elected Officials in Addressing the Crisis

Legal immigrants like Hassan and Durden-Coulter are calling on their elected officials to take action and address the ongoing immigration crisis. The lack of response from congressmen, senators, and other government leaders has left many feeling frustrated and unheard.

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As the nation grapples with the challenges of illegal immigration, elected officials must work together to develop comprehensive, bipartisan solutions that prioritize the needs and concerns of all Americans, including legal immigrants.

The Path Forward: Balancing Compassion and the Rule of Law

As the United States seeks to address the complex challenges of illegal immigration, it is essential to strike a balance between compassion for those seeking a better life and the need to uphold the rule of law. Legal immigrants, who have followed the rules and contributed to American society, deserve a system that rewards their efforts and provides a clear path to citizenship.

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By working together to develop a more fair, effective, and compassionate immigration policy, the United States can continue to be a beacon of hope and opportunity for people around the world while also ensuring the safety, security, and prosperity of all its citizens.

A Call to Action: Uniting to Strengthen the American Dream

The stories of legal immigrants like Muhammad Hassan and Sabine Durden-Coulter serve as a powerful reminder of the challenges and sacrifices that many face in their pursuit of the American dream. As the nation confronts the ongoing crisis of illegal immigration, all Americans must unite in support of a more just, equitable, and sustainable immigration system.

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By speaking out, sharing their experiences, and advocating for change, legal immigrants and their allies can help to shape a brighter future for the United States – one that upholds the values of compassion, fairness, and the rule of law, while also celebrating the immense contributions of immigrants to the fabric of American society.