In heightened times of social tension, Democrats have done very little to quell concerns from constituents over radical leftist views and policies. LGBTQ issues are the low hanging fruit that leftists have used to push the agenda that conservatives are out to get Americans, and state legislatures across the country appear to be giving in to pressure from liberals in terms of their policies and values. 

Conservatives Targeted In History

This is not the first time in American history where Conservatives have been targeted for their beliefs, political or otherwise. The most famous political and cultural divide between liberals and Conservatives in America is, of course, the conflict that arose during the Civil War.

Source: Wikimedia/Library of Congress

The liberal federal government of the time, as well as abolitionist states in the North, attempted to strong arm the South into banning slavery, at a time when the entire economy of the Southern states was dependent on the system of slave labor. The Civil War was a result of those same Southern states putting their foot down, and stating outright that they wouldn’t allow themselves to be bullied by a government who was overreaching. 

The 1918 Spanish Flu

Of course, these states ultimately lost the conflict and were reintegrated into the Union, sans slavery, but that is not the only time where conservative ideals have been targeted, both culturally and legally.

Source: Wikimedia/William James

In 1918, the Spanish flu endemic led to the American government instituting strong restrictions around travel, even requiring masking in public places, allegedly to stop the spread of illness. Protests and freedom sentiment spread like wildfire, with many pro-America individuals bucking the restrictions of a government who believed it was their right to tell the American people what to do. 

And Again in 2020

This same pattern repeated in 2020, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Liberal states instituted strong restrictions on their residents regarding travel, masking, and even the ability to go out in public. Some states, like Nevada, put in place stay at home orders that were so strong that they shut down the entire state economy. 

Source: Wikimedia/Becker1999

Americans in Conservative states could see the impact that this was having on citizens, and the public sentiment against the government was swift and strong. Mental health issues skyrocketed during this time, and many believe – to this day – that there was a direct link between the liberal government’s actions and increasing rates of depression in liberal states.

Massive Government Overreach

It’s understandable that, in the wake of the massive government actions that took place during the pandemic, that many have been wary of what could be seen as increasingly intrusive government overreach in every aspect of American lives.

Source: Wikimedia/David Lienemann

Education and healthcare, social media and the job market, all have felt the pressure from government supervision. And while some government supervision and regulation is necessary in most aspects of life, the Biden administration has been pushing increasingly leftist policies that have started to impede on everyday Americans’ right to live their lives as they see fit. 

Important Points Raised About LGBTQ+ Issues

This is more apparent than ever when it comes to LGBTQ+ issues. Groups like Moms for Liberty have raised important points around the content which is being taught to children in schools, particularly surrounding LGBTQ+ issues and sexuality, but have been declared homophobic and anti-trans for their questions.

Source: Wikimedia/Miyin2

And the government has continued to push a leftist agenda on the issues. Biden has stated that he will support the LGBTQ+ community in any way he can, and has explicitly condemned many of the laws that are passing across the country which, in various ways, put power back in the hands of the American people. 

States Standing Strong

Many states have not given in to the overwhelming hurricane of wokeist politics. States like Florida have stood firm in their values, with Governor Ron Desantis passing increasingly important bills that allow Floridians to retain their rights while beating back the reach of the federal government.

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Other states have not been so strong, though. Kentucky, in particular, seems to be falling prey to the woke agenda. The most recent session of the Kentucky General Assembly closed on Monday, and though there were many pro-freedom and pro-family bills that made their way through committee, none of them ultimately made it to the floor for a vote.

Kentucky and Abortion Rights

This is a pattern that has been long-coming in Kentucky. In 2022, a referendum on abortion was placed on the ballot, which would enshrine the right to an abortion in the state constitution. 

Source: Wikimedia/Charles Delano of LouisvilleUSACE – Louisville District of the US Army Corp of Engineers

Despite a significant amount of canvassing and campaigning on the part of pro-life organizations and politicians, the measure passed with a clear majority, allowing the amendment to take effect in Kentucky. This is in spite of the fact that Kentucky is one of the most deeply pro-life states in the United States, with many people deeply unhappy with the ultimate outcome of the vote.

Not the Only Issue At Stake

Abortion rights are only one issue where the Kentucky General Assembly has dropped the ball when it comes to supporting conservative constituents.

Source: Wikimedia/TheLexingtonTimes

Many of the bills that were left on the cutting room floor this session would have gone a long way towards ensuring Kentucky’s population’s rights, and the fact that the state legislature gave into pressure from leftists is deeply concerning for conservative Kentuckians. 

An Important Bill Passed Last Year

Last year, for instance, Kentucky passed a significant bill that banned the discussion of gender ideology and sexuality in public schools.

Source: Wikimedia/Quinn Dombrowski from Berkeley, USA

This was an important bill passed, with the intention of allowing Kentucky families to choose how and when they want to have these delicate discussions, rather than allowing the public education system to steamroll all over parent’s rights. Pro-LGBTQ+ advocacy groups called the bill anti-trans and wildly transphobic, but parent’s rights are just as important as gay rights, and deserve the same amount of legal dedication. 

Failure to Pass

This year, though, the General Assembly failed to pass any of the important measures that were at hand. Among the measures that failed to pass was a bill that contained a conscience clause for doctors and physicians, allowing them to act in regards to their faith when it comes to the types of procedures they’re willing to perform. 

Source: Wikimedia/Silar

Of course, leftists accused this bill of being anti-woman and anti-gay, pointing out that there were doctors who would deliberately choose not to perform abortions or procedures on transgender individuals with a conscience clause available as a choice. 

Reluctance to Push

This couldn’t be further from the case, but that fact didn’t stop Kentucky lawmakers from dropping the issue and allowing the bill to fade away, never to be voted on by the General Assembly.

Source: Wikimedia/Louisville Panorama

This reluctance to push forward on issues that are important to conservatives has emboldened leftist constituents, protestors, activists, and politicians alike. Many believe that a lack of legislation means a lack of desire, and have pointed to Kentucky as an example of “social progress” due to a lack of what they see as anti-gay legislation. 

Other States Struggling with the Conservative Agenda, As Well

Kentucky is not the only state that is seeing conservatives struggle in moving forward their agenda, as well. Pro-family and pro-freedom bills are failing in state legislatures across the country, with leftist politicians pushing a hard pro-gay agenda, to the exclusion of any other meaningful policy stance. 

Source: Wikimedia/Michael Stokes

While there are clear rising stars in conservative politics who have gotten significant conservative reforms done, they’re few and far between. It’s a time of challenge for the conservative movement in America, and it’s clear that there’s plenty of work to do in order to ensure that conservative voices are heard.

A Referendum on the Issues

The 2024 election will be a referendum on many of the issues that liberals have staked their platforms on, and it’s not entirely certain that things will turn out in their favor. While results like those seen in Kentucky are both disappointing and worrying, it’s not clear that it’s a bellwether of things yet to come. 

Source: Wikimedia/Gage Skidmore

It does, however, mean that conservatives have their work cut out for them. Leftist politicians have pushed their agenda far beyond their reach, trampling over the rights of many hard working Americans. Despite the fact that Kentucky’s assembly is going woke and giving in, there are far more who are willing to do the work and stand up for their freedom.