In a world where time spins its unending web, some of the most vibrant and beautiful places have been caught in the threads of abandonment. They appear lonely and forgotten. These places, once filled with loud laughter have now been replaced with quiet loneliness.

This article will focus on these beautiful places and how they have completely fallen apart. Come with us as we try to discover the stories hidden in the decay and how they changed from being super beautiful to being left behind.

1. Grossinger’s Catskill Resort Hotel

This resort was one of the most luxurious places to visit in New York in the 1950s. It was one of the best options for a luxury summer vacation welcoming over 150,000 visitors every year.

Source: Wikimedia/ John Margolies

But everything came crumbling after the death of their daughter Jennie Grossinger. With the rooms covered by forest and the swimming pool turning into a living greenhouse.

2. The Indoor Pool At Grossinger 

The swimming pool area was one of the most beautiful places in the resort. The swimming pool had a well-heated tiled floor, and the entire venue well-conditioned. Just above, amplifying its beauty were some of the most beautiful Sputnik chandeliers reflecting on those swimming below.

Source: Wikimedia / John Margolies / PABLO IGLESIAS MAURER

The swimming area was well-equipped and just below it were the exercise room, a gym, and a salon. The pool has been vacant for almost four decades, lying in absolute ruins.

3. The Grossinger Outdoor Pool

A location now etched in the annals of history, the beauty of Grossinger’s outdoor pool was how majestic the Olympic-sized marvel was. Back in 1949 when this beauty was erected, it cost a whopping $400,000, about $5 million today in today’s bustling market.

Source: Wikimedia/John Margolies/Flickr/Jonathan Haeber

It is so sad that those lovely private cabanas, changing rooms, and lounges have yielded to the inevitable embrace of abandonment.

4. The Poconos Dining Hall’s Center

This dining hall was the highlight of this resort during that period. It was always a beautiful sight to behold. The floor was covered with a beautiful carpet.

Source: Wikimedia/John Margolies/PABLO IGLESIAS MAURER

The browns, reds, and oranges of this carpet have now turned lush green. It has mirrored the hue of the moss that now graces its surface.

5. Grossinger’s Indoor Tennis Center

Just as expected from a carefully crafted indoor tennis center. Its facilities were so state-of-the-art that it became an inspiration to other resorts in the area.

Source: Wikimedia/John Margolies/PABLO IGLESIAS MAURER

People who enjoyed their young days in this location can only look back to see how much the indoor tennis center has changed.

6. The Homowack Lodge

This was a historic resort located in the Catskills Mountains of New York. It was popularly known for its picturesque setting and recreational offerings.

Source: Wikimedia/John Margolies

This lodge that was once the center of attraction has now become abandoned. After going through so many changes it was finally closed when it was deemed inhabitable by the NY Department of Environmental Conservation.

7. The Bowling Alley In The Homowack Lodge

This bowling alley was important to a lot of Homowack Lodge goers. A lot of them would gather with their families and friends to celebrate and bowl.

Source: Wikimedia/ Jonathan Haeber / AbandonedStates

It represented a surreal moment for most people but it has now become covered up with weeds and wild grass. losing its beauty and its importance. 

8. The Main Building Of A Resort In Poconos 

After a tragic incident that happened in this resort, where a fire broke out and destroyed the main building. The owners decided to build a replacement in the early 1970s.

Source: Wikimedia/ Jonathan Haeber/ AbandonedStates

The replacement was a majestic modernist design that looked like a spaceship nestled in the heart of the woods. What was an architectural gem is now nothing but ruins. 

9. The Sunbathing And Swimming Location In Poconos

This location had a loving vibe, more like a romantic feeling, a place where people wanted to invite their loved ones.

Source: Catskills Institute /Pablo Iglesias Maurer/AbandonedStates

A place they’d sit just to tan and relax, enjoy the scenery, and be lost in its natural surroundings. Something so grand has been left to rot.

10. An Abandoned Theater In Poconos

One of the postcards associated with this Poconos resort refers to this lovely theater as the “resort’s world’s most modern showplace”.

Source: Unsplash/Felix Mooneeram/AbandonedStates

The theater could accommodate 1200 people at a time. You can see how this theater maintains its splendid charm even as it bears signs of despair.

11. The Cocktail Lounge Of Another Resort In Poconos 

This lounge was not only designed for indulgent moments but was also aimed at providing a tranquil space for its guests to unwind and engage in all forms of recreational activities.

Source: Catskills Institute /Pablo Iglesias Maurer

Looking back, we only have stories about this place and its ruins don’t leave any hints about its past.

12. The Jenny G Wing

This structure was inspired by the architectural designs of the famous Mies van der Rohe, which made its debut in 1964.

Source: Catskills Institute /Pablo Iglesias Maurer

This was one of the last structures erected at Grossinger’s resort. This creative imprint left an indelible impression on the architectural landscape and also helped enhance the visual identity of the hospitality spaces.

13. Swim n’ Sun Indoor Swimming Pool at Penn Hills Lodge and Cottages

One of the contemporary and high-quality amenities offered by Pool at Penn Hills Lodge and Cottages was their Swim n’ Sun Indoor Swimming Pool.

Source: Catskills Institute /Pablo Iglesias Maurer

This was created for their guests who were looking for something relaxing and recreational. Look at it now with its water dried up and its surroundings abandoned.

14. A Lane Attendant At Homowack Lodge

This small space was once occupied by a lane attendant at Homowack Lodge. He ensured the smooth operation of the bowling facilities.

Source: Catskills Institute /Pablo Iglesias Maurer

He also took care of any needs related to the bowling experience that customers had. A space now deserted with nothing left to tell its story.

15. The Side Of An Ultra Modern House In The 70s

A downward look at this beautiful building from the 70s with its structures just like every other building erected during this period.

Source: Catskills Institute /Pablo Iglesias Maurer

The ultra-modern houses with their dining rooms, cocktail lounges, lobbies, and even offices. It all went down the drain after it became less of a tourist destination.

16. A Residential Building In Poconos 

This building brought genuine happiness and a sense of cherished moments for those who occupied it.

Source: Catskills Institute /Pablo Iglesias Maurer

Sadly, today it’s another old and abandoned building.

17. Birchwood And Its Three Swimming Pools

This was one of the best resorts during this period. It was different from the other resorts. It offered three different swimming pool facilities: an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, and the scenic Eagle Lake with a beach.

Source: Catskills Institute /Pablo Iglesias Maurer

Birchwood was so affordable and it was the hot spot for couples to enjoy a romantic evening/weekend. Of Course, every memory of this resort has been buried in the past.

Profound Impact 

These 19 haunting pictures serve as a reminder of the profound impact of time. They showcase the transformation of once beautiful places into a state of disarray, tugging at our hearts. They narrate tales of locations that were once vibrant and full of life, now left to decay.

Source: Unsplash/ Hermes Rivera

These structures held great significance in their heyday, but the passing decades have diminished their value. Let’s hope that one day the right person / developer comes along to give these places a new lease of life.