It’s the season to “jingle all the way” with quirky ornaments. Yes, the magical season of Christmas! That time of year when we dust off our ancient box of decorations from the attic and realize that our old trinkets are now potential treasure mines. Of course, nothing beats seeing a boxed present awaiting you on an early Christmas morning under your shiny tree.

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However, if you’re bothered about how to get this year’s Yelutide gift, here is a secret: Grandma’s antique ornaments could be the Santa you’ve been waiting for to fund your shopping. As you read on, brace yourself. We’re about to dive into a world where vintage Christmas ornaments aren’t ordinary charming relics but downright valuable collectibles.

Vintage Glass Annealed Leg Victorian Child With Long Hair Christmas Ornament

Okay, let’s unveil the elephant in the room. One of the creepy collectibles out there is the Victorian Child with Long Hair Christmas Ornament. This four-inch nightmare fuel sells for a jaw-dropping $550. Who knew that an eerily painted Victorian child could be a treasure worth scaring the stockings off your guests?

Source: eBay/ Cnf-stuff

Don’t fret just yet. It might surprise you that seemingly sinister antiques like these made some of the best decoratives. Yes, you heard that right. This Victorian Child look-alike classic was an old favorite. The intricate details of the piece take us back in time to one of the periods of crude artistry.

Antique German Cobalt Blue Raspberry Kugel Ornament

Imagine this five-by-five-inch wonder on your tree. It’s not just an ornament; it’s a colossal royal blue raspberry! Crafted in Germany around 1900, it’s like having a time-traveling decoration, a relic from the past, carrying stories of Christmases long gone. Its vintage charm adds a touch of history to your holiday celebrations.

Source: eBay / copper-maven

The Antique German Cobalt Blue Raspberry Kugel Ornament is valued at $3,200. As a delicate gem, it should be treated like royalty, kept in a sturdy case. While it might look stunning on any tree, the best stage for this masterpiece is one that keeps it safe, secure, and cherished for many more merry seasons.

Gladys Boalt Vintage Cleopatra Christmas Ornament

Come over, history buffs. We’ve got a Cleopatra sighting. Gladys Boalt’s vintage Cleopatra Christmas Ornament is not your average gaud. If you desire a regal and rare-themed holiday season, Cleopatra’s Christmas comeback could be all you need.

Source: eBay/victorine2215

The detailed hand-sewn marvel, modeled after the Queen of the Nile, is worth around $400. Talk about bringing ancient glam to your doorstep at the heart of Yelutide. However, while you do that, here is our little advice: Don’t ask her about the ASP.

Vintage Christopher Radko Gold Finial Stand Set of Three

Christopher Radko is a true holiday legend. He has graced us with countless breathtaking ornaments that bring the magic of Christmas to life. Although the exact age of this finial set remains unknown, it’s a rare gem that takes you on a nostalgic journey.

Source: eBay / Carmichael

Back in the spirited 80s or 90s, these finials were born, each shining in vibrant jewel tones. Trying to find a similar tree topper today? Good luck with that! Vintage Christopher Radko Gold Finial Stand Set of Three is valued at a festive $2,275. Its radiance is a beacon of festive joy and a symbol of Christmas cheer.

Vintage Christmas Ornaments Christmas Bells

You won’t believe this! Despite the vibrant hues and seemingly brand-new condition of these bells, they hold a delightful secret. They’re time capsules from the fabulous mid-20th century. Like hidden gems unearthed from the past, these jumbo-sized bells bring extra merriment to your Christmas decor.

Source: eBay/ bobbyboy2018

With vivid colors after all these years, these bells are a testament to the enduring charm of the 50s holiday aesthetics. While they might look as fresh as a winter morning, these $2,250 Vintage Christmas Bells are seasoned with the timeless magic of a bygone era. However, they’re ready to chime in with joy and nostalgia in your modern holiday celebrations.

Antique German Dresden Santa (Tie)

This miniature ornament, standing at less than four inches tall, captures the enchanting scene of a boy and a girl gazing up at Santa’s overflowing basket of toys. With the craft owing to the Dresden artisans’ fine skills, this antique Father Christmas showcases the artistry of the 1910s. Cool, right?

Source: eBay /Jrwisc

German-made vintage ornaments are renowned for their rarity, and this one is no exception. The mere act of stumbling upon such a piece is a holiday miracle in itself. Despite its modest size, collectors gladly part with around $2,000 to bring this nostalgic festive masterpiece into their homes.

Vintage Biedermann Brass Holiday Collectable Ornament Set

Here is another incredible treasure trove valued at a whopping $999.99. Back in the vibrant 1970s, Biedermann took center stage, crafting a whimsical line of brass ornaments for Christmas trees. Each ornament is a masterpiece of precision, meticulously cut by hand, adding a characteristic artisanal charm to every piece.

Source: eBay/patinajo

Having a chance of owning a set of the Biedermann Brass is equivalent to having a holiday spectacular. So hold on to your tinsel, as individual ornaments from this set can be found dancing solo in the marketplace. Each boasts of a flirty price tag, often soaring over $1,000.


What an adventure that is, you might say. Touring the whimsical world of vintage Christmas ornaments is a beautiful and nostalgic experience. By the way, who knew that a scary Victorian child clone, a Cleopatra cameo, or finials could all find a home on your Christmas tree? Better yet, who knew they could be worth that much?

Source: Unsplash / Ben White

So, as you deck the halls, remember that those dusty old decorations might not just be the little decor touch you need. They might just make you some cash to treat yourself this holiday season. Still in the spirit of Christmas, happy decorating! May your tree be as legendary as the stories behind these antiques.