Ted and Robin Krasnesky fell in love with a 140-year-old home in Leavenworth, Kansas and knew that they wanted to call it home. But they had no idea that he and his wife would get much more than a historic home with a rich past and some skeletons in the closet. 


Ted, who works as a financial advisor by day and is a writer at night, saw the potential of secrets lurking in the corners of the home.

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Everything about the house exudes potential.

A Historic House with a Troubled History

The house stands in the middle of a beautiful lawn, surrounded by trees. It is the perfect place to raise a family, or enjoy a quiet life.

Source: Krasnesky Manor For Wayward Cats

It was built in 1885, but the original owner only died just three months after moving in. The house passed on to his daughter and then granddaughter. After changing other owners, it became Ted and Robin’s Krasnesky’s home in 2021.

Getting Closer, You Are Amazed by the Lavish Architecture

Stepping up to the verandah, you understand why the Krasnesky family really wanted to buy this house. You feel like you stepped on the set of a period movie.

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The attention to detail is incredible. And the comfortable couch is the perfect place to enjoy coffee in the morning, listening to the birds’ song. But wait until you step inside the house…

The Manor House Still Has the Original Woodwork

If the exterior of the house looks incredible, the interior is almost unbelievable. All the original woodwork, carved manually, is intact. It is shiny and looks as if it was installed yesterday.

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For Ted Krasnesky, this is not just a home. He feels more like a guardian for the history of the house. He wants to pass it on to future generations in its best possible form.

The Krasnesky Family Starts Renovating and Restoring the House

Every new homeowner starts by sprucing up their property. A new coat of paint, replacing creaky floorboards and trying to add more storage space. But the Krasneskys got a huge surprise as they started remodel works.

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They found a secret room. It was walled out, except for an opening in a wall. This opening stirred their curiosity. After finding the hidden room, they immediately wondered. What else could be hidden in the old manor house?

The Family Invited Friends to Help

The family started their adventure by inviting friends into their secret room to start sifting through the dirt. Their friends brought wheelbarrows and sieves in order to look through the dirt in the secret room.

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It became an adventure with the Krasnesky’s and their friends. None of them knew what they were going to find!

The First Key To The Puzzle

Not one, but forty-four antique keys were found in the property.

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This was the first huge indication that there were some hidden surprises in the house.

A Building Worthy of Respect

Ted was thrilled at the different ways that this house was speaking to them as they explored.

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In an interview, he said that he wanted to respect the house. The house had been there for 140 years before him, and he knew that it would be around 140 years after him, and deserved to be treated well.

Surprises Start Showing Up All Over the House

It turns out that their home is full of hiding places, just like in old mansions in thriller movies. Just like in movies, Ted Krasnesky started with the library.

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After trying a few shelves, he found one that pulled out, revealing a hidden compartment. He reached out inside and found the first treasure.

Civil War Memorabilia Was Hidden behind the Library

Lying in dust, untouched for a hundred years, maybe, were two interesting items. One was a Civil War presentation cane. The other was a beautifully crafted pocket watch.

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Ted Krasnesky managed to track down the original owner’s heir and returned the items to them. They will certainly be treasured heirlooms passed down to future generations.

A Painting with a Secret 

Intrigued by the first finds, the Krasnesky family continued exploring their historical home. A painting placed above the door drew their attention.

Source: Krasnesky Manor For Wayward CatsSource: Krasnesky Manor For Wayward Cats

The transom next to it was not working properly, so the family took down the painting to fix the issue. That’s when they discovered a new secret.

A Hidey Hole in the Wall Is Ready to Reveal Its Contents

There was an open space behind the painting. By now, the Krasneskys were not surprised anymore.

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They were actually excited to see what new treasure they would discover. It was not a chest full of gold… but it was still a great find.

Old Books Were Patiently Waiting for New Readers

The cache in the hiding space behind the painting consists of old books. Ted Krasnesky found Ben Hur, The Scarlet Letter and Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm.

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However, these books are quite valuable for an avid collector. All of them are 1907 editions. One of them is a handsome copy bound in leather and with gilded decorations.

Old Houses Have More issues than Just Hidden Treasure

Treasures were, sadly, not the only things that were found within this centuries-old home. 

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The Krasnesky’s started having issues beyond their adventures in treasure hunting. Raccoons and issues with the HVAC were only the first problems that they encountered. Weird sounds coming from the attic also drove their curiosity.

What Could Be Hidden under a Loose Floorboard?

As they continued their renovations, the Krasneskys found a loose floorboard in the attic. Now, that’s usually the place where you find something terrible in horror movies.

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But the family was in for a real surprise. Here was the actual treasure everyone imagines they would find in an old house.

A Treasure in Coins Was Hidden in the Attic

The hiding place on the floor contained two jars and a satchel with coins.

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They are all silver coins – very old and very valuable.

Two Coins In Particular

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Two of the coins are particularly attractive for collectors. One of them is a quarter from 1916. The other is a dime from the 1890s, too worn out to show the full date properly.

An Exciting Discovery for Ted

Ted was thrilled at the discovery, and he couldn’t stop himself from playing with the coins and looking at them over and over.

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Older coins were minted differently, and when they’re rubbed or tapped together, they sound different than modern coins. This is one reason that they’re so valuable to coin collectors

From Basement to Attic

Every crevice of the property had a hidden surprise.

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With each turn a new treasure was found.

What To Do Next?

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Having stumbled upon all these incredible items, Ted was left thinking about what to do next.

The Family Opens Their House for Treasure Hunts

Being of an open and generous nature, the Krasneskys decided to allow other people to enjoy the thrill of a treasure hunt. They are hosting metal detector parties at their property.

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The family donates all proceeds of these events to the Historical Society. This is their way of giving back to the community they’ve come to call home.

A Subtle Treasure in the Staircase

They’ve found treasures in even the most unlikely places. The most recent find was in the staircase, hidden in one of the newel posts.

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Ted found some old newspapers stashed in the posts of the staircase, which was an exciting find. They’re not especially valuable, but they’re still a piece of history and a part of the house that Ted calls home.

Can You Be the Lucky One to Find a New Treasure?

These metal detector parties turn out many unexpected treasures. One of these is a 1870s freight token for the Wagon Works of the West.

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Who knows what other treasures are hidden in the Krasneskys’ home? You could be the one to make the next big find. Would you join the treasure hunt?