The Rosehall estate is a big fancy house in Scotland. It’s located in a village called Invershin and it’s surrounded by beautiful countryside. It’s the perfect place for someone who wants to get away from the city and enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside.

Coco Chanel and her boyfriend, the second Duke of Westminster, used to live in this house. They wanted a place where they could be alone and not be bothered by people. The Scottish Highlands are very pretty and private, so it was the perfect spot for them. They must have loved living in such a beautiful place, surrounded by nature.

Very Important People

The walls of Rosehall have probably seen a lot of things. Can you imagine all the fancy parties and famous people who have been there? The house was owned by a wealthy couple, who invited many important guests over the years. One famous visitor was Winston Churchill. He came to stay at Rosehall in 1927, when he wasn’t feeling well. It’s pretty cool to think that someone as famous as him was a guest in that house.

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It’s not just famous people that would make the walls of Rosehall interesting to listen to. The house has a lot of history. It’s been around for a long time and has probably been through a lot of changes. It would be fascinating to know what the walls would say about all the things that have happened there over the years.

Sad State of Affairs

Unfortunately, Rosehall is no longer open to visitors and is currently abandoned. Only urban explorers dare to venture inside. But, thanks to them, we can still catch a glimpse of what it used to be like inside, through the pictures and videos they share online.

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Some of the things they’ve found include remnants of the famous designer Coco Chanel’s trailblazing taste. It’s a shame that this once grand manor is now left to decay, but it’s still interesting to see what remains and imagine what it must have been like in its prime.

Coco Who?

Coco Chanel had a difficult childhood, as her mother died when she was 12 and her father sent her to an orphanage.

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Despite this, she rose to become one of the most influential fashion designers of the 20th century and the founder of the luxury fashion brand, Chanel.

Brave Choices

Coco Chanel had a passion for design, even when it came to just a vacation home. She and the Duke of Westminster, Bendor purchased Rosehall as a vacation home, but that didn’t stop her from adding her personal touch to it.

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She chose to paint the walls beige, which was a bold departure from the traditional style of that time. It may not seem extraordinary today but it was a big change for those days, it shows her sense of style and her willingness to break with tradition.

There’s a First for Everything

Coco Chanel loved to decorate, and her vacation home was no exception. She wanted to put her own personal touch on Rosehall, so she picked out beige for the walls, which was different from the usual colors used in traditional Scottish homes. She also added some fancy French wallpapers in the bedrooms. Plus, she had new fireplaces built to give the home a more modern feel.

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But that wasn’t all, Coco Chanel also added some fancy features to the home. She was probably the first person to put a bidet in a Scottish home. A bidet is a special bathroom sink used for cleaning yourself. It shows that she wanted to make the home feel luxurious and elegant. Coco Chanel’s design choices reflect her sophistication and her attention to detail.

Great Little Vacation Spot

Rosehall is a great vacation spot! Winston Churchill, a famous politician, visited the estate and even wrote a letter about his experience to his wife. He loved the place and was even impressed by the fishing skills of one of the guests, Chanel.

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It’s too bad not many other guests wrote about their stays at Rosehall. But Churchill’s letter gives us a good idea of what it was like. He thought it was a great vacation spot and we can trust his opinion since he was a very important person. It’s always nice to hear about a place from someone who has actually been there.

Great Place to Go Fishing

Winston Churchill wrote a letter to his wife in 1927 about his stay at Rosehall and he described it as a “very agreeable house in a Highland valley.” He mentioned that it was well-equipped with salmon, trout, and snipe, and that the air was “most exhilarating, keen and yet caressing.” He noted that it was quite different to England.

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While the beautiful surroundings of Rosehall have managed to stand the test of time, the same cannot be said for the house itself. Unfortunately, the Rosehall estate has not been well-preserved, and it doesn’t exist anymore. It’s a shame that the place that Churchill found so agreeable and different from England can no longer be visited.

Falling Apart at the Seams

It’s a shame that the Rosehall mansion, with its rich history and beautiful interior designed by Coco Chanel, has been left to deteriorate. Imagine the bedrooms where Churchill slept and the halls where Chanel walked. It would have been an incredible experience to see the house in its prime.

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Furthermore, the romance between Chanel and the Duke, which once flourished at Rosehall, also fell into a state of disrepair. It’s unfortunate that such a beautiful and historic estate, filled with memories of love and luxury, has been forgotten and left to decay. It’s important to remember and preserve these places for future generations to appreciate and learn from.

Conflict Of Interests

Coco Chanel and the Duke of Westminster had a romance, but it seems like they didn’t have the same interests. The Duke didn’t like spending time with Chanel’s creative friends and found it hard to join in their conversations. He was also not happy when she spent time working on her designs.

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Chanel was a very successful designer, and her work was a big part of her life. It’s not surprising that she turned down the Duke’s marriage proposal when he asked her. She said, “There have been many Duchesses of Westminster but only one Chanel.” This means that she wanted to keep being Coco Chanel and continue her successful career instead of becoming a Duchess. It’s important to follow your dreams and be true to yourself.

Taken Over by Nature

Coco Chanel and the Duke of Westminster’s relationship was not meant to be. They had many fights and eventually, their decade-long relationship ended. The Duke got married in 1930 but Coco Chanel never did. This also marked the end of her visits to Rosehall, their Scottish love nest.

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It’s sad to think that a beautiful place like Rosehall has been left to deteriorate. The estate has been empty since 1967 and is now in a state of disrepair. Mold and dry rot have taken over the house. It’s a shame that such a special place has been forgotten and not taken care of. It’s important to remember and take care of the places that hold special memories.

YouTubers Trespass

Even though Rosehall Mansion looks a bit spooky on the outside, it hasn’t stopped people from going inside to see what it was like in the past. One group of people who like to explore abandoned places, called urban explorers, even went to Rosehall. They found many cool things inside and even took videos and pictures to show other people what it looked like.

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It’s really cool that these urban explorers went to Rosehall and shared their discoveries with other people. They even posted the footage on YouTube, so everyone can see what Rosehall looked like in its prime. It’s important to remember the past and these explorers are helping to keep the memories of Rosehall alive.


When the urban explorers went into Rosehall Mansion, they found some really cool things. One of the things they found was a wine bottle sitting on a shelf in a room that looked like a storage room. The bottle was not empty, it was still full! They didn’t take it, they just left it there. That’s how they respect the place they are exploring.

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Another cool thing they found was an old newspaper on a higher shelf. It was a copy of the Liverpool Echo from 1942. The date on the paper was Friday the 13th, which is a bit spooky. These little details and artifacts found inside the mansion give us a glimpse into the past and how the mansion was once used and lived in. It’s fascinating to think about what could have happened in that place in the past.

Great Interior Design

The urban explorers continued their journey in Rosehall Mansion, and they found a really cool room. This room was filled with old furniture. They found a fancy looking couch made of leather, a pretty blue wardrobe with a floral design on the front, and a big, fancy looking bed that was carved out of wood. It was really cool to see these pieces of furniture that have been around for a long time and still look beautiful.

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It’s amazing how these pieces of furniture have managed to survive all these years, and still look so nice. They give us a glimpse into the past and how people used to live in Rosehall Mansion. It’s like taking a step back in time and seeing how people decorated and furnished their homes. It’s interesting to think about the people who once used these pieces and the memories they must have made with them.

Standing The Test of Time

As the urban explorers continued to explore Rosehall Mansion, they found something really cool. They saw a lamp made out of seashells. It was so unique and pretty. They also found other cool decorations and old furniture around the house.

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Even though they were a little worn out, you could still tell how beautiful they were in the past. It was interesting to see how these things were used in the house a long time ago. It gives us a sense of how people used to decorate and what they liked.

New and Old

As the urban explorers went further into Rosehall Mansion, they found cool things everywhere they went. They saw an old painting above one of the fireplaces. They also saw a bright red old fashioned fire truck sitting in the corner of a room.

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These things gave them a sense of how the house looked like a long time ago and how people used to decorate. It was really cool to see all these things and imagine how it used to be. It was like going on a time travel adventure!

An Interesting Tablet

As the urban explorers explored Rosehall Mansion, they found a fancy looking couch in one of the rooms. It was in pretty good condition, which was surprising because the house was really old and not well taken care of. They also saw a green color on the wall behind it, which showed that the house was really damp and moist.

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They also found an interesting tablet with writing on it, it was written in Arabic. It was really cool to see all these different things in the house and imagine how it used to be. Each room had its own special story and history.

Funny Is as Funny Does

As the urban explorers continued to explore, they found a case with a sign that said “Life is too short to drink bad wine.” Around it, they found some really pretty blue plates with flowers on them. They were made by a company called Tiffany Boutique in Italy.

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Even though they weren’t made by the famous Tiffany & Co, they were probably still valuable. Some new sets of plates like these can cost around $150. It was really cool to find these pretty plates and think about how they might have been used in the past.

Can’t Know for Sure

The urban explorers climbed up the dark and dusty staircase and found more interesting things. They saw a beautiful bathtub in one of the rooms. They thought that it might have been used by Coco Chanel or Winston Churchill. That was really fascinating to think about.

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They also found an old-fashioned toilet called a bidet surrounded by damp and rotting wood. People think that it might have been the first one in Scotland, but it’s hard to know for sure. These discoveries added to the mystery and intrigue of the mansion and it’s interesting to think about the people who may have used these items and the history they hold.

What is That?

As the curious visitors explored the damp and eerie corridors of Rosehall Mansion, they found a room filled with old skis. It was interesting to think about how they might have been used in the past. Nearby, they also found a strange blue object on the floor. They were unsure of what it was, but a viewer of their video helped them figure out that it was a clay pigeon trap. It was used to send clay targets into the air for shooting practice.

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It was exciting to find this unique and interesting object, and it added to the collection of things they found in the abandoned mansion. It was fascinating to think about the different activities and uses that took place in the mansion in the past. It was like going on an adventure and uncovering new discoveries every time.

Chanel… Is That You?

It was in a different part of the house where Coco Chanel’s presence could be felt the most. The room had a cupboard filled with shoes, which probably belonged to Chanel, the Duke, and their famous guests. It was interesting to think about who might have worn them and where they went.

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In the corner, there was an old sewing machine which was probably where Chanel made her designs. It was cool to think about her sitting there, creating beautiful clothes. This room gave a sense of the designer’s personal touch on the mansion and added to the intrigue of exploring the abandoned property. It was fascinating to imagine the designer at work in the space and the creations that may have come to life there.

Dangerous Grounds

Despite all the cool things they found, the house had its dangers too. The curious visitors found a part of the house where the roof was falling in. It was a bit scary to think about walking under it. They also found some places where the floor was rotting, which made it dangerous to walk on.

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It was not just the structure that was dangerous but also the infestation of bugs, it was not a pleasant experience. The crumbling state of the mansion added to its eerie atmosphere and made it clear that the house was in a dangerous state. It was important to be careful when exploring the abandoned property.

Such a Shame

The video of the abandoned mansion got a lot of comments from people who watched it. Many of them were sad that such a beautiful house was in such bad shape. One person said “I love how you all respect the marvels that you find. Its too bad Coco didn’t have someone take care of the place. It makes me sad to see such a pretty building falling apart.”

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This comment expresses the disappointment that many people felt about the neglect of such a historically and aesthetically significant building. The video was a reminder of what the mansion was once like and how it has been left to deteriorate over the years. It’s a shame that such a wonderful place has been left to fall into ruin.

Just $4 Million

However, there is still hope for the old mansion. Many professional building reviewers have been in to take a look around and they have decided that despite the mess and the dangers, the house can still be restored by someone willing to put in the work.

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Estate agents Remax put the property and its land on sale for just over four million dollars. This indicates that there is still hope for the mansion to be restored and potentially even returned to its former glory.

What’s Up Next?

Plans were announced that the estate will be turned into a fancy hotel. This is not surprising because of its history. Imagine staying in a hotel that was once owned by a famous designer!

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But, before you start saving up for a stay, keep in mind that it may be costly. The developers want to keep many of the original designs, making it a unique and special experience. So, if you want to be a part of this cool and exclusive hotel, you better start saving now!