President Joe Biden has been making significant gains against his opponent Donald Trump in at least six out of the seven key swing states. Biden’s position has been especially strengthened in two of these swing states.

According to the results of a Bloomberg News/Morning Consult poll, this has been the strongest position yet for the Democrat.

Shift in Biden’s Favor

This recent shift in the president’s favor comes after five months of Trump leading the poll consistently.

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This shift was followed by a State of the Union speech which restored the enthusiasm of Democrats while mitigating the growing concerns regarding Biden’s age.

Notable Change in the State of Wisconsin

The shift has been especially noteworthy in the state of Wisconsin where Biden is now leading Trump by one point.

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Back in February, Biden was lagging behind by four points in Wisconsin.

Tie Between the Two Candidates in Pennsylvania and Michigan

Last month, Trump was leading by six points in Pennsylvania, but now there is a tie between the two candidates in the state.

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The two presidential candidates are also tied in the state of Michigan.

Too Early to Make Any Predictions

It is still too early to conclude if Biden’s improved performance is a temporary phenomenon or the indicator of long-lasting change in the presidential race.

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Biden is still lagging behind Trump in four key states. However, winning in the key “Blue Wall” northern battlegrounds in November will pretty much guarantee Biden’s second term as president.

Critical Moment in The Presidential Race

Biden’s improved performance comes at a very critical moment in the presidential race after a long period of things seeming to be almost predetermined.

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Both Trump and Biden became the official nominees of their respective parties on March 12. An exceptionally long general election season has now been kicked into motion.

Reverberations of the 2020 Presidential Race

On November 5, American citizens will cast their ballots to elect their next president.

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The current presidential race feels very familiar to the one that happened in 2020 considering it involves the same two main candidates.

Biden and Trump – the Two Main Candidates

The current president, Biden, didn’t have to face any real competition to become the Democratic Party’s chosen nominee.

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Former president Trump also didn’t face much competition to become the Republican Party’s chosen nominee.

First Rematch in Nearly 70 Years

The upcoming November elections will mark the first ever rematch in nearly 70 years. When Trump lost the previous election, his supporters attempted to countermand the results.

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Trump is currently facing federal charges related to the countermand attempts along with three other criminal cases filed against him.

Voters Are Pessimistic About the Country’s Economy

The Bloomberg/Morning Consult poll revealed that Americans are currently pessimistic about the state of the national economy. However, there is a lot more optimism amongst the population when it comes to their local economy.

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Only 32 percent of swing state voters believe that the American economy is headed in the “right direction.” On the other hand, 53 percent of respondents are optimistic about the direction in which their local economy is headed – a four point increase in numbers compared to last month.

Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll

The Hill reported that according to the Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll Trump is leading Biden by two points in a hypothetical head-to-head.

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Nearly 9 percent of the surveyed voters continue to remain undecided. According to the numbers, Trump is still leading but his numbers have also gone down from a six point lead that was recorded back in February.

Undecided Voters Asked to Make a Decision

When the undecided voters were requested to make a decision by choosing one of the candidates, Trump was found to be leading by two points. Trump was at 51 percent while Biden was at 48 percent.

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These numbers also indicate a six-point decrease from the numbers that were recorded in February.

Mark Penn Comments

Mark Penn, the co-director of the Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll, told The Hill, “Trump continued to lead Biden after the state of the union though it’s a tighter race.”

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Penn added, “There’s 20 per cent of independents saying they are undecided so they are the likely swing voters who will determine who wins.”

The Top Feeling Americans Are Experiencing is “Dread”

According to the Yahoo News/YouGov poll, the number one feeling Americans are experiencing in the context of the Biden-Trump rematch is “dread.”

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The survey was conducted from March 8 to March 11. 1,636 American adults were presented with seven different emotions (three positive, three negative, and one neutral). Participants were asked to choose any and all emotions that matched their feelings about the 2024 campaign. Dread being one of the negative emotions topped the list at 40 percent.

Overall Negative Feeling

In the Yahoo News/YouGov poll, the negative feelings of exhaustion and depression received 29 percent and 21 percent votes respectively. Only 8 percent of surveyed adults reported feeling the positive emotion of delight.

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Overall, 53 percent of Americans chose at least one of the negative emotions (dread, exhaustion, depression). The rest 40 percent chose positive emotions (optimism, excitement, delight). Anyone who has been following the tone and general direction of U.S. politics isn’t going to be surprised by the fact that the predominant feeling Americans have about 2024 can be summed up as “great fear, especially in the face of impending evil.”